Asteroid Kamo’oalewa May Actually Be A Lost Moon Fragment

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new announcement about the most stable quasi satellite of Earth – it seems to be a piece of the Moon
Press Release:

 Addy Graham/University of Arizona
Phoenix7777 CC BY-SA 4.0ʻoalewa#/media/File:Animation_of_2016_HO3_orbit_around_Earth.gif

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  1. Iza 0187

    Hey thanks for all the wonderful videos you make!
    I was wondering if you had ever read Seven Eves by Neal Stephenson and if so what you thought..

  2. Sovi the Disastrous

    When a fragment of the moon, which is a fragment of the earth, smashes into the earth, is it technically attempted suicide?

  3. Tim Temple

    Kamo-oalewa keeps watch for other saucers that mean harm to the planet Earth. We aren’t ready to defend us from aliens.

  4. MarvelX42

    In this video you keep saying “the moon”, but there are literally hundreds of moons in the Solar system alone. If you want to be taken seriously as a science channel you should try to be more accurate. Earths largest, natural moon is Luna. You might want to call it by it’s name.

  5. Bradford Hatch

    There was an apparent collision on the moon about 800 years ago (give or take) observed by people at Canterbury (and mention in an episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos in 1980. I wonder if this asteroid dates from that particular collision.

  6. M Mickle

    The cool part of all this,, was Anton’s outtake at the end! Kamo’oalewa!

  7. Nerdy_Lion

    Anton, the apostrophe in Kamo’oalewa indicates a pause, so to make it easier to understand, you could say it as two words, kamo and oalewa. Also the W in Hawaiian language is pronounced as a V.

  8. Bjorn Hiep

    Now I’m waiting for Avi Loeb to tell us that this is extraterrestrial. ;-)

  9. Veronica Sponchia

    Thanks Anton, I appreciate all the hard work you do to inform us!

  10. Bio-Media

    I’d say point a beacon or a telescope on it! make it useful for the advancement of our knowledge of the solar system.

  11. P5ychoFox

    The lunar crater Giordano Bruno is thought to have been created (and witnessed) in 1178ad. A sample might confirm this fragment is from that cratering event.

  12. Larry Buzbee

    kah-moh-oh-ah-lay-vah, easy 😂

  13. Mark White

    Are there any new and large craters on the moon where it could have come from

  14. Eric Fontaine

    👋 Anton, hope you’re doing well


    It broke off when the moon shot through the middle of earth’s core

  16. James

    Another great episode Anton, keep it up mate 🙂

  17. Golden Brown Leaf

    I love wonderful people!!

  18. Alan Day

    Its a great place for aliens to observe us!


    I really love the way of your graphical presentation. Very few people present these topics graphically.

  20. Benjamin Clark

    Okay, so are there any recorded stories of the moon doing some crazy shit about 500 years ago?🤔

  21. Eric Russin

    Anton, what’s this remarkable nuclear fusion breakthrough with the Chinese? Will you be doing a breakdown on what it means?

  22. Thomas McGinnis

    “29 Thumbs Down” as of this date — it is *bizarre* that such a (wonderful) video would garner any such response. Maybe a missed keystroke — much better explanation….

  23. Lance K Shimabukuro

    Kamoʻoalewa: Basic Hawaiian is to say all the vowels as short vowels (vowels with the long bar like “ā” means to say the short “a” longer). The ʻokina (ʻ) is a valid letter/sound in the Hawaiian language, its very similar to the glottal stop in the middle of “uh-oh.” In some Hawaiian dialect like on Oʻahu, the w is pronounced more like a soft v.

    Ka mo (glottal stop) o a le wa.

    In case anyone is wondering, I live on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, so am familiar with the basics in Hawaiian.

  24. dawangai

    I love the REFLECTION SPECTRUM– it had a little bit of the PHILIP J FRYE feel to it.

  25. ben smith

    Most interesting and well presented channel on YouTube, if you want to hear space news this is the place to come.

  26. Mike S

    I’d like to see the computer model that analyzed that orbit. Great animation. Thanks Anton.

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    Thank you for another interesting video, Anton

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    That ending made me laugh

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    I didn’t even know that 🌒 My minds blown 🤯 See you learn something new everyday 👍 Thanks Anton

  30. Dwayne Christie

    Good Lord! There is just so much stuff out there. New stuff all the time.

  31. KCatch22

    Really interesting! Now this has me wondering if there are asteroids somewhere out in space that are pieces of Earth from the chicxulub impact. I wonder what we could learn from finding one?

  32. Craig Baker

    On the subject of the Chinese mission name:

    set sail on his first voyage in yrs ago,  commanding some 27,800 men. His massive armada comprised 317 ships, including 62 “treasure ships” packed with rich gifts for heads of state.

  33. Robert Reynolds

    Anton, I hope the people in your life truly realize how brilliant and beautiful and what a wonderful person you truly are! I’m proud to be a fellow countryman to you! (I grew up in Canada, Manitoba…. Although for hockey I’m all Montreal from the very beginning… go Canadiens! )!!!

  34. Barry Johnson

    If I remember correctly Tycho Brahe noted in his journal that there was a distubance on the moon that caused it to turn red in hue one night. He lived about five hundfed years ago maybe this is from that impact.

  35. Armani Nguon

    Pretty crazy discovery, if it came from the collision course it be big

  36. Loppan Torkel

    So.. 500 years ago – how would an impact on the Moon, capable of flinging this piece into orbit, look like from Earth? Shouldn’t it have been powerful enough to be recorded (unless it happened on the backside, I suppose..)?

  37. Ricky Webster

    Love you man!!! You teach me so many interesting things it’s awesome

  38. SpewnyBard

    I wonder if the moon were to be pushed closer to Earth by an impact, if we would be able to attribute some of the climate problems that aided in the Bronze Age Collapse to that impact. I think it would need to be considerably closer to matter, though. Very considerably closer.

  39. ayy lmao

    Woah, neat!

  40. TJ Wukitsch

    If you didnt watch until the VERY end of the video, you missed out on a wonderful blooper. Edit: To be clear: Thanks for sharing the little imperfections that make life more interesting Anton.

  41. Lee Brady

    Hello wonderful person, is everything okay? Your intro seemed sad and I look forward to your videos everyday and wanted to make sure you were wonderful also.

  42. death5dream

    If the moon was created by a planet collision as we suspect, I would think we might find many such asteroids. Imagine what a show that was.

  43. tom Knauss

    ATTENTION You must watch to the very end, Anton flat out gives up! …..(I believe the name 469219 Kamo’oalewa, is in reference to to Hawaiian and islander dictions “Kahoolawe” (Kaa-how-Lana-vay).: meaning “the carrying away by current” ….ironically there’s a name place where the US did Percision bombing and assessments during world war 2

  44. Stephen Thomas

    The E in He, in Zheng He, is pronounced like the OE in Goethe. Zheng He was China’s greatest admiral who led a massive and far-reaching fleet of trade ships in the 15th Century before Europe’s Age of Discovery. There is controversial speculation as to just how far-reaching, but far-reaching nevertheless, and was the dominant fleet of the time.

  45. Andrew 13579

    Is it a part of the Moon or a part of something that hit the Moon and then was scattered all over the Moon and Earth’s orbit? Might there be several other such objects near the Earth, but the vast majority of which had already hit the Moon and Earth? Maybe they are leftovers from the large impacts that hit the Moon, long ago, which may themselves have been leftovers from when the Earth and Moon impacted each other, long before that?

    Also, why are so many of the craters on the Moon so circular, not many elliptical at all. If the Moon ran into these things in near perpendicular paths, wouldn’t there be a lot of elliptical craters, especially at the poles? Instead, it seems like everything fell nearly straight in. Like maybe most of it was already nearly matching Earth’s orbit?

  46. Pup314

    Maybe this is part of Thea stil lingering after its impact with Earth and the formation of the moon? An Asteroid worth studying.

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    I really appreciate your videos.

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    Wonderful boss really surprised

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    Can’t wait to hear more! Thank you, sir.

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    I knew eventually there would be a hidden gem after the credits

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    Neat, Looking forward to more info on this.

    I loved the out-take at the end. :)

  54. Reed Foley

    If you remember a few years ago we launched a warhead to the moon to observe for traces of water it could be from Tha Lunar explosion.

  55. Locadio Marcucco

    Cool, thanks wonderful Anton!

  56. James Aron

    Wonderful near-Earth object quasi-satellite 469219 Kamo’oalewa possible 500-year old lunar impact ejecta

  57. mine Alsomine

    Hey Anton, another great video. I was wondering if this quasi moon could be left over from the formation of the moon after the Thea collision.

  58. Steve Owens

    Who overdubbed ‘Reflectance Spectrum’? It didn’t sound like you. Very interesting video as always. Thanks!

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    Always interesting!

  60. Cali2 COOL

    I caught photos of this in 2016 from my back yard with a telescope setup

  61. Eason down the road

    Educated by Mr. Anton once again

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    Thank goodness our moon is in our orbit I reckon it’s taken some big hits for us over the time

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    Wonderful as always anton ☺️

  64. Infinite Monkey

    China seems to be dominating lunar research at the moment.

  65. Crystal S-R

    That crater looks like the northern cave area in ff7

  66. Rho nda

    Asteroid “Close enough” LOL! 👍

  67. Justified Defiance.

    Discovering the impact crater on the Moon from which this asteroid originated…a worthwhile subject for a Ph.D. Dissertation?

  68. nick skubinna

    From the spreadsheet, I believe the asteroid to be made from diodes and tie fighters

  69. Graham Turner

    Rock on! 😎

  70. MarcAFK

    I would have assumed that a large amount of near earth asteroids could have been made from the collision that made the moon, but of course anything that matches the surface of the moon probably was ejected from the surface long after that early origin.

  71. Felix JN

    Could there be something big at L3?

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    Dropping likes while I still can. Keep up the good work!

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  74. Harriet1822

    Tony Ling, “June 18, 1178: English Monks Observe ‘Lunar’ Explosion”, _Wired_(ymd = 2000-06-18)
    “1178: Just after sunset, according to the English monk and chronicler Gervase of Canterbury, five monks watch the moon explode into flames. Gervase said that the observers were looking at a new crescent moon when the upper part ‘suddenly split in two. From the midpoint of this division a flaming torch sprang up …”

  75. Eoin O'Connell

    I wonder who else stayed until the end ?

  76. DeeD

    I love how we learn something new about our system every year. Truly wonderful!

  77. Paul G

    It’s a lost Moon Moon.
    We need to immediately investigate whether it has any moons itself.
    And whether it or it’s moon(s) are crawling with cybermen (little tiny ones in this case)

  78. Styx Dragon Charon

    Anton: …or close enough.
    Me having grown up in Hawaii: No… but you did try. :D

  79. Evandro Luiz

    Anton Petrov, is this happening from galaxies like Centaurs A and ESO 510 on your Space Engine? after the latest updates it’s crashing and shutting down the Space Engine all by itself and that’s worrying

  80. John Stevenson

    Is there anything in history that might indicate that someone might have noticed this collision? Would it have been big enough to be visible?

  81. Steve Rollins

    All things earth, David Attenborough. All things space, Anton Petrov. keep up the good work!

  82. Ancient History

    It will be quite interesting to see what Moon-craters they will propose for being the “parent” of the atseroid.

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    Hello, wonderful Anton. Today I’m going to be watching your video discussing a discovery based on an asteroid that might very well be a lost moon fragment. For both the joys of watching your content and as a means to divert my focus from the misery that is my heartbreak. Thanks for keeping me distracted.

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    What if it is a remnant of Theia that never fused into the moon and kept orbiting around relatively far?

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    Anton, you have a million dollar editorial eye!

  87. Farrier

    I was under the impression that it was not possible to wind back orbits with any degree of certainty, if more than two bodies were involved.
    If that is so, then how can the origin of this asteroid be accurately calculated?

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    “REFLECTIVE SPECTRUM” lolol great video as always anton!

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    Pretty interesting indeed! But I wouldn’t be surprised even if we found a piece from Earth on the Moon. It definitely could happen.

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    I’m looking forward to seeing what the missions to it find out.

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