Arsenic Bacteria From Atacama Desert Proves Earth Was Purple Long Ago

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a definitive proof that was discovered recently that confirms the Earth was once purple.

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  1. Cognitive Dissident

    I knew Prince was trying to tell us something.

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    Thank you.

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    I don’t think there’s enough time to save mother Earth 😥.

  4. Patrick Brand

    Some people of the Atacama desert have evolved arsenic tolerance as well

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    Hey can you do a video on the planet TOI-700 d? Does anyone know if he has?

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    It looks violet in the thumbnail

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    Does this mean Prince was a time traveller?

  11. Kevin Harris

    Its crazy how life changed the entire planet.

  12. C-S featured

    A lot of people (and videos) say
    Life should be found where there is water, carbon and OXYGEN.
    Now information in this video basically slaps such a claim in the arse.

  13. Blazed Gaming KR

    Hey Anton, you could have shown this in KSP. Eve, KSP’s “final boss”
    (Barring Jool 5) is extremely purple. Made a rover deployment system specifically for it.

  14. Fletcher Dad Calder

    I knew a girl that had purple hair, she wouldn’t do it cause it wasn’t purple there. 🤘🤣🤘

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  16. Raymond J.

    So within the next 590 Million Years from now when Trees will no longer be able to sustain C3 Photosynthesis, will this cause the Planet to change color again?

  17. Rob Clark

    Now I know where the Purple Panda in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe came from. He reportedly came from Planet Purple.

  18. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    I miss Sim Earth I never got to finish the earth I had created

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  20. dajam9035

    I would say my kind of planet but the whole arsenate thing is a never mind for me.

  21. James Gillespie

    Raw apricot seeds are arsenic. I ate them for a year and It took the dark spots off of my skin.

  22. Bonbon Dojoe

    So Technically humans could survive while “beathing in” Arsenic

  23. Richard the Great

    Veeeeery interesting!

  24. John Wright

    *The Purple Dawn of Creation.*

  25. swampzoid

    Omagod – I love purple !

  26. Alternative Influencers N

    Earth would’ve been purple also due to the solubilised iron salts, which then precipitated out in an oxidative atmosphere.

  27. Batman

    Imagine if prince was still alive watching this right now he would start saying purple rain existed before.

  28. Todd Jobson

    This is the best science channel on YouTube bar none

  29. Anthony aka Grond

    So you’re saying we were Dantooine? We all know how well things turned out for that planet.

  30. Sam Harper

    How far back and time can we go and have earth’s atmosphere still be hospitable to human life?

  31. Vampirerockstar

    I only wanted to see you in the purple rain
    , Purple rain, Purple rain

  32. Panzer_Runner

    So the Earth was once *R E T R O W A V E*

  33. mat waren

    …And also, Great work Anton!! Keep it up!!

  34. LilGamingYes

    You reminded me how I once heard that Oxygen is what causes Humans to age, not grow but age. Without Oxygen we wouldn’t age is what, whatever that was, was saying. I forgot if it even was a video or a text, but that marked my mind I guess. I don’t believe it, but maybe Oxygen does provoke a sort of slow reaction that makes us get older faster than we would without it?

  35. Vince Grant

    Very interesting, Thank you wonderful Anton.

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    Were there any one eyed one horned flying purple people eaters there? Or Minnesota Vikings linemen? 😆 Another wonderful video, Anton.

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    Purple person, to be exact.

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    If it was purple does that mean that the planet Eve from KSP is plausible?

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    Interesting as always!
    Thank you!

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    Never knew about the purple planet.
    Thanks Anton!

  47. lenny koss

    So, transidental meditators who claim to visit other planets during meditation may actually only have seen this planet in the past? Oops. 🤣

  48. Doug van der Hoop

    I’m loving the comments on this one. !:- )

  49. Pinochet

    Forbidden Meatloaf

  50. Conscientious Observer

    Anton, huge fan, I’m addicted to your videos. Got to ask, however, when Anton Petrov says “definitively” how much weight should his audience put on that definitive term? You’ve used it twice in back to back videos — I just want to know how strongly can you stand by that statement? And why?

  51. Alfred Sutton

    Purple is a royal color. We should live Well so we deserve our inheritance. Thank you Anton.

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    You are my favorite source for science news! The heavy focus on astronomy is right up my alley. Thank you for doing what you do!

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    Hell yeah should come to Chile Anton :)
    I too wanna visit Atacama when I can to go to the observatories

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    There were purple people, too, until the 1950’s, when the one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater wiped them all out.

  55. MC's Creations

    Really, really interesting!!!
    Hey Anton, how are you liking the new place?

  56. Vinci480

    Hey Anton,
    this just made me think.. imagine this:

    In the future we find another highly intelligent life form that evolved on Arsenic-based compounds and we team up with them and explore the stars.
    On one planet though we land together with them and as we start to explore, we just pull off our helmets because the planet has a earth like atmosphere.
    Humans standing there like absolute mad men while we easily breath that toxic gas that their known life just dies off.

    That would be so cool :D

  57. DemoGorgonZola

    If we find a planet with purplish hue…
    🎶 Well, I saw the thing comin’ out of the sky It had the one long horn, one big eye
    I commenced to shakin’ and I said “ooh-eee” It looks like a purple eater to me 🎶

  58. Nanami Yamaguchi

    The Earth was once purple.

    Me: You tell me! 😮✨

  59. Stanetti Els

    You can get a real sense of what earth was like back then by having a thousand brew of magic mushrooms.

  60. Josh Baker

    anytime i can have some sort of video up or have audio playing, ill usually eventually play something you upload. much thanks and look forward to more

  61. TheElectricOrigins

    This was already passed on ancient myth of Purple Dawn. Earth was a satellite of Saturn and orbited inside its glow mode plasmasphere.

  62. Yarbloco

    I’m pretty sure Wal Thornhill proposed this (and more) a couple years ago.

  63. SynthFox

    This was talked about a long time ago from the electric universe folks. Nice to see it here. Waiting for more of their work to go mainstream, they do incredible research and prove their theories with awesome expiraments.

  64. Max Placidi

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    I love the way you teach brilliant.
    I’ve only been watching your channel for a couple of weeks, and I have enjoyed every minute thank you x

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    There’s kind of a gulf between “Definitive Proof” and “Most Likely”

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    That’s a very pretty color 🟪

  69. holylingus

    Is there even enough arsenic around for this? I mean the concentration in the crust is just 5ppm … which is quite low compared to 50% oxygen.

  70. Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD EC

    Thanks, Anton! Great show very interesting! BTW, the Atacama is only the second driest place on earth… 😿 Antarctica is the driest.

  71. Intercaust

    Back when Prince ruled the Earth.

  72. Osmosis Jones

    Planet Turo in Leroy&,Stitch was purple.

  73. Daniel Pirela

    James webb telescope. The Half Life 3 of science

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    Prince was onto something with his song *PURPLE RAIN* then?

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    I hope Anton is having a good time

  76. Austin Trammell

    “sulfur can be used as a substitute for oxygen”
    Phosphine discovered in Venus’ atmosphere
    Life very possible

  77. Ed

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  78. __________

    This is a great video (again). Very important discovery! This raises many more questions… Could you elaborate on the UV interaction with these protobacteria stromatolites & the purple Atacama bacteria! Very exciting research! Thanks for this and all your other amazing videos.

  79. Alexandre Vachon

    We’ve long thought that the purple Earth may have been caused by retinal-based photosynthetic life forms. But things have changed for something odd that involves arsenic biochemistry. Things keep on getting weirder… because, to us humans, arsenic is indeed toxic, but in low quantities, it is capable of biochemical reactions by anaerobic bacteria that survived the Great Oxidation Event between 2.4 and 2 billion years ago. Quite a tradeoff, indeed.

  80. Thomas Jephson

    Hey Anton, thanks for being wonderful

  81. Mike Laffoon

    Space, new discoveries, science easily understood. Thank you, Anton.


    “The Princeon Era”

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    It was purple when Barney the dinosaur ruled the earth.

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    Anton you’re incredible, I’ve learned so much from you.

  85. Just Some Bigfoot With In

    Therapist: “Purple earth isn’t real, it can’t hurt you”
    Purple earth:

  86. Devan

    There it is, something we don’t hear everyday; purple Earth.

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  88. Nicolas P. Cage

    You see, the best part of this is that when we are finally out there exploring the galaxy, there is a good chance we will find a purple planet…

  89. david schneide

    “It is from this epoch in earth’s history that we find the first fossilized black lights and cannabis plants…”

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    So Earth used to be Eve? KSP was right!

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    Was it populated by ♫ One-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eaters? ♫

  93. millermonsterair

    so, earth was Eve (kerbal space program) at one point? wait a min. my whole reality is going haywire right now…. lololololol

  94. Andrew Restrepo

    Earth was once Eve in KSP confirmed…

  95. Punky Lesh

    Reminds me of the 90s adventure game “The Dig” The alien world you were stranded on was very purple.

  96. KappaChino

    Definitely Most likely Definitive proof the earth was possibly purple, yes

  97. Andrew H

    I watched an entire programme about this subject years ago, maybe 15 years.
    When i told someone (who happens to be one of those elder chaps who does maths degrees for fun) he simply laughed at me.
    Well, i don’t suppose he’s laughing now!

    Imagine seeing our blue ball…Purple!

    Great content as ever Anton

  98. Happy Fox

    It sure was purple when Prince was alive.

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    Flat earthers wondering why is the simulation round.

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