And Now We Found a Strange Molecule on Titan – Cyclopropenylidene

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of a strange molecule in Titan’s atmosphere
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  1. Mart

    So like a stem cell you could call it a ”stem molecule”

  2. Chuck Just Chuck

    Most interesting moon is actually Methone… :-)

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    Yes. The soviet union would be on venus.

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    They better not later announce this was a mistake from error during reading😑

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  7. Seanny America

    Im 39. I have a feeling life will be discovered outside of earth, in my lifetime. On Venus, Titan, Callisto, Europa, Ganymede or Mars, possibly.

  8. Francisco Pagan

    Wonderful Anton! Titan must be wonderful to establish a space base. The only thing is that you have to produce heat. It is very cold. Perhaps with greenhouse gases it can be heated.

  9. Kristina McKeown

    A different water ice crystal structure? Could it be “ice nine”? (Kurt Vonnegut reference)

  10. Hagridek

    Imagine when we come to Titan
    The creatures living there would see us as horrible toxic lava monsters

  11. S S

    How do they find these without going there? Love your videos Anton!

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    Great work Anton! Keep it up, much lov.

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    I like molecules, molecules are tight.

  17. Joe Blow

    Dragonfly I think is the same name used for high Nothern Canada, ice research. Often U.S. & Canada teams.

  18. akinnon2000

    We will find non exotic life on most planets and a lot of moons, including jupiter and saturn. My personal favorite is Encelladus.

  19. Dragon boy 999

    Ever seen the “Thing”? This is how you get then”Thing”!

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    Anton, sounds like you might have a cold or something. You ok?

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    Great report Anton, you wonderful person you.

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    Oh man thanks anton for that bit of word gabble at the end

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    Anton, very intriguing, this molecule… Thank for another interesting video!

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    I love the bloopers at the end of the credits. Keep up the good work.

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    Hello wonderful Anton. =-D

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    No life allowed, I need my supercomputer moon.

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    Haha the blooper at the end I thought the video was over so confused had to rewind

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    I wish we leave Mars alone and fully invest any available sources to Titan, Europa, Enceladus and Ganimedes … these moons seen to have s lot more interesting proprieties than anything Mars can offer

  29. Peter Brown

    1:36 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  30. Clare Degroff

    “Its extremely cold here” I didn’t realize you were broadcasting from Saturn. Wow simply amazing lol.

  31. sockington1

    life on mars, life on titan, life on neptune – THERE IS NONE !!

  32. Sav

    It’s saddening how much effort, money, brain power, man power, resources go into space exploration, as our RICH, LUSH planet slowly dies beneath our feet.. truly, a foolish species.

  33. Philipp Brogli

    It’s allways amazing how much people can find out from so little information.

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    Wonderful person Anton has a strange molecule.

    Get well soon!

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    Anton I love you but we need a better audio :)

  36. Melinda Green

    What a neat molecule! It must contain incredible amounts of energy to bend carbon-carbon bonds into a triangle. I bet it would make a great rocket fuel.

  37. will2see

    1:17 – “Notice how the temperature decreases” – well I see a curve with the label “Temperature” next to it, but I don’t see any actual temperature ticks nowhere…

  38. ModernSundew

    Love that clip at the end btw

  39. Grey Troll

    “And they called me a madman” – Thanos

  40. Tom Watson

    This guys amazing …my bed time go to

  41. dan niles

    Is cold temperature life possible on Titan I wonder.

  42. Justin Carnes

    Question. Is 03 in the ozone a very reactive molecule? If so then I see a possible connection between atmosphere composition and life.

  43. Clair Pahlavi

    Could it be a product of lightning?
    A lot of strong Birkland Currents flow through Titan.

  44. Austin Trammell

    “Dragonfly gets expedited”

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    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  46. Osmosis Jones

    If anyone wants to put humanity on Venus imagine the Lindinburge on Venus. How deep the Pilar’s of oil rigs get i would suggest building one of those rigs and landing them on Venus . that’s much more stable the cloud city

  47. Joe Pauloski

    Thanks again for what you do brother. Love watching your videos!

  48. Duong Nguyen

    Sounds like analogue to our O2.. maybe produced by an equivalent photosynthetic organism.

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    I left that molecule on titan when I gone to the toilet there b4 I travel back to earth

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    Astronauts landing on Titan sound have reeeaally spark proof vehicles, imagine some of the moon’s “air” mixing in the airlock and a tiny spark comes.

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    Loved your outtakes at the end!

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    -296° F is Spring for the Frost Giants!

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    (Cyclopropenylidene) Say that 5 times real fast!

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    I’m not going to lie, I often struggle to understand all of the science you explain Anton but I am curious enough to watch and try.

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    What was that molecule again Anton? You sounded like the Crazy Frog there. 😄😄

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    There is so much to the chemistry of the stars. It will definatly elevate our material sciences to a whole new level.

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    You can fly swim through the air there…

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    I didn’t know we actually landed on titan. Or is this just another enormous guess. Is this philosophy and assumptions

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    That’s the most wonderful news since a long time ago.

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    As always Anton, very interesting thanks.

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    Audio has a mild reverb or something. Much love.

  66. Change Gamer

    How do you detect a molecule that is not present on earth?

    I guess the molecule was detected with Spectroscopy.
    -> How do you assign a certain spectrum to a unknown molecule if you have no reference meassurement?

  67. Rich Foley

    Extraterrestrial cryo-life in the methane lakes could be the source.

  68. FrankieOnSBSin144p!

    I fell like we are too early in the universe to see life on another planet

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    You had me hooked at “never been found before.”

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    What molecule is not strange? :O)

  71. Bastieneitsab

    I’m starting to think pointing spectroscopes at the sky might just not be that accurate if we can detect any molecule on any celestial body by reading the data a certain way…
    They’re already not sure about phosphine anymore since others reading the same data have had different conclusions.

  72. Bgrows Mars

    Hello my friend!!! We gonna find electric life in the dunes of Titan

  73. binomalia

    Just waiting for a busted video from Thunderf00t about Cyclopropenylidene…

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    Very interesting.
    Thank you Anton!

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    This is very exciting! I can’t wait to hear more about this mysterious place.

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    Venus Earth Mars Titan Europa.
    What if we had 5 planetoids around the same star with life on them?
    I mean as crazy as it seems, odds are at least 2 of them do, given the latest findings.
    And just a few years ago people were convinced Earth was the only one.

  80. John Anadale

    Haha Choked on my drink at the outtro bloopers. You sounded like the crazy frog! X’D

  81. wildcatter63

    That would be so reactive that is would almost have to be an intermediate molecule that Titan’s surface is so cold that the full reaction is being slowed down/stopped at the point where that intermediary can exist. Trick is finding what the full reaction is…
    BTW, you forgot to mention that Titan has both the hydrocarbon liquids on the surface AND liquid water under however many kilometers of Ice like some of the other Saturn/Jupiter moons have (and Pluto, but don’t get Neil Tyson going…)

  82. George Pupala

    Anton: What happens when our probe accidentally generates a electrical spark? Anything that moves could do that – right? So, will we get to view another star in the sky or would it just burn forever like the coal mine fires in Pennsylvania?
    Sorry you caught a cold! You must get these yearly. I watched your referenced video about the collision of Andromeda and the Milky Way galaxies that you posted from a year ago. A cold caught you then too. Hope you get well soon!!
    — George —

  83. Gorbaz The Dragon

    Cool to see more research coming out of ALMA, when I was still in school I moved to Chile for my father’s work on the array, it has felt like ages before they finally commissioned it and started doing observations…

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    You have a cold or a new microphone? Something’s different.

  85. Scott Bishop

    Was watching a documentary about Saturn on YouTube last night that mentioned phosphine in its atmosphere also

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    I wish that we as a Race would focus more on space exploration rather than us turning on each other and polluting the planet.

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    This proves the “Cyclops” was real…..

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    This was cool! Mind-blowing, in piecemeal.

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    Cyclopropenylidindindin ^^ You make one of the best content on YT Anton ! Take care mate.

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    Anton has such a great community of Wonderful Persons. A community I’m actually proud to be a part of.
    Thank you Anton, you’re the most Wonderful Person of the wonderful community. Very few channels like this anymore.

    Now that I think about it, I’d like to see you do a kind of collab with Dr. Becky at some point. She’s another great science communicator and a brilliant astrophysicist.

  91. Maryalee Scarlet

    “The more we learn, the more we learn that we don’t know.”

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    It seems that some planets have very unique chemistry. It make me hopeful the Earth was once one of these planets with significantly greater odds of creating life and that there are more out there.

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    Anton giving me to much hope of Life outside earth

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