Aliens or Natural Phenomenon? The Mystery of 100 Missing Stars

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent study that discovered around a 100 or so stars that mysteriously disappeared from our galaxy.


  1. mark findlay

    I caught a falling star and put it in my pocket,im keeping it for a rainy day!

  2. warp00009

    Possibly a bug sitting on the lens? Can’t imagine that *anyone* could build a Dyson Sphere in only 70 years…

  3. Coma White

    Damn, and most people are impressed by the disappearing coin!

  4. Barbara Maj

    Hey kids, remember, if you forget to “carry the one”, you can just blame ALIENS (especially if you live in California).
    Yep, blame fictional characters rather than BAD MATH

  5. Mike Laffoon

    It’s the Replicators from SG1; powering an empire.

  6. Jens8502

    Give the star a break, dude. It’s just out having a shit or something. Can’t stay on guard out there forever.

  7. Iaman Empoweredone

    100 missing stars? Perhaps they were not stars to begin with…

  8. Otto von Wachter

    Could one build a Dyson sphere that quickly? Seems like a pretty large project.

  9. Evelyne Simon

    I saw a star dissappear right in front of my eyes on a clear summer night in London. The funny thing is that I was watching it for no reason for a good 5mns before. It wasn’t even a big one.

  10. Mike Poulin

    It’s inter-planetary warfare…defeat your enemy by shutting off their home star….

  11. IMBwildrd

    It was the Death Star that zapped it out of existence

  12. RenneDanjoule

    Dust clouds from Supernovae obscuring them. All stars Nova on the clock cycle.

  13. John Lozo

    Why does popular sci-fi culture continue to explain mysteries with Dyson spheres?
    What happen to star in a jar?
    No need for solar panels at this point.

  14. Skiiwa

    I just wanted to add my opinion to the question…Yes, Yes it was aliens.

  15. pancake ghosty

    Well if stars don’t just vanish then they probably weren’t stars to begin with. So it’s either human error or not stars.

  16. Pup314

    Or maybe these stars are so large that they turn directly into black hole when they run out of fusing materials, with no super nova.

  17. gbgman97

    Sounds like the Birkland current supplying the star punked out

  18. Madplanetguy

    Would be interesting to see them trying to communicate with stars, or see them constructing dyson spheres if by chance it is aliens

  19. Adam Snyder

    Collapsing stars to fold space is an idea of mine.

  20. Deacon Freakin

    My dad called me back. It’s aliens. Mystery solved😉

  21. russell parker

    It’s aliens that released more co2 than the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

  22. Greg Brockway

    The Star Devourer has risen from its slumber.

  23. Jeremy Allen

    I don’t know why, but I love that you start all your videos with “Hello, wonderful person.”

  24. siddbastard

    Our evolution was very “mechanical” … I wonder if there could be other models of evolution …

  25. Phoenix

    Ngl I think when you say aliens you calling me by my last name “Allen”
    Guess I’m an alien now, but how did you find out?

  26. RealityDeviant

    If i were to guess, those 100 star went on vacation to see their gas cloud parents :D

  27. basil fawlty

    Nobody was looking at those stars so they switched them off to save energy. They’ll probably switch them back on again if people are looking for them now

  28. Pincho Paxton

    All intelligent life ends up living inside simulations of planets, so they give up trying to communicate with other life forms.

  29. ArtisanTony

    probably a starlink sat in the way :)

  30. interior crocodile alligator

    no one:
    anton: eliens

  31. Saucer Cats

    Because someone erased it from the archive memory.

  32. rritambhar chakraborty

    Hello wonderful stars that disappeared!

  33. Jeegar Shah

    ‘Ellions’ do exist, in the comment section !

  34. eminence

    Imagine building a Dyson sphere in one decade

  35. Geo 76

    Looks like this may end up in a Mandella effect video.


    Everyone else: Aliens
    Anton: Allliens
    I enjoy how you say Aliens. Thanks Anton.

  37. Jason Hartzog

    If I were of other worlds, i may not want to say hey to earthlings either.

  38. Paul Meranda

    lol i always think of that skit you did that one time: “so…. youre telling us you found aliens?? … so… basically aliens?? EVERYBODY, *THEY FOUND ALIENS.”*

  39. Beekeeper Simes

    We still see stars that aren’t there anymore because it takes so long for the light to reach us. What if the last of the light has reached us?

  40. UFCMania155

    Lol anything we can’t explain is “aliens” or “god”

  41. Carl DiFrancesco

    For all we know, and “they” sell us..
    All stars could be dead, besides sun, and we might be waiting for the show to end

  42. Lane Dexter

    Disappearing stats? When you have a few minutes, read “The Nine Billion Names of God,” a 1953 short story by Arthur C. Clarke. 😀.


    No aliens or no one is ignorant enough to announce their presence like those pesky humans? 😆

  44. walentaz

    I think there’s ELJEN outside my house

  45. quantumac

    A Dyson sphere would require an awful lot of mass, even if the sphere was quite thin. The area to cover at one or more AUs would be enormous.


    They must be EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT,simply because THEY HAVEN’T wanted to get in touch.
    Would you want to get in touch with the noisey loutish neighbours in your area

  47. freeman239

    They could also be Direct Collapse black holes.

  48. Walt F.

    Aliens are natural phenomena, as are humans.

  49. StonerSeries

    Could be the vacuum closing in basically erasing everything until it crosses us

  50. JAMES! Since the 70's

    The navel was cleaned, so the star disappeared!

  51. Billy Anderson

    They’re hiding their signature

  52. Renato Campos

    This is what happens when the memory of the simulation that we live in gets corrupted

  53. Thanks Obama

    If its Aliens….”Where ya gonna run…where ya gonna hide…nowhere”..

  54. Jean Vallee

    It`s never aliens.
    Until it is.

  55. Pavankumar

    Everybody is trying to listen and no one likes to talk

  56. Robert Lefebvre

    I want to poll the aliens and ask them if they ever found intelligent life on Earth?

  57. thzzzt

    We’ve already made spectacular progress making a Dyson sphere around Earth. All we need is some more space junk, then send some robots up there to weld it all together.

  58. John Carter

    This is something like an unfinished symphony. So we really don’t know why those stars are missing – but we can speculate lots of possibilities.

  59. King D - Mind

    “Now this is the most _eccentric_ answer to what’s happening”
    Nice astronomy joke.

  60. Transmo ́s Brickstuff

    Starkiller base is fully charged :)

  61. ¡!¡ BML ¡!¡

    It’s because we live in an simulation… A matrix of sorts!!!

  62. WaRRioR

    They where never stars. They where fixed UFOs xD

  63. 1 Happy GUY

    I give him a like the moment he says hello wonderful person!! lol ..I am so happy someone thinks i am wonderful .lol ;-) Great videos Anton!! keep em coming. :-) :-) :-)

  64. Rebecca Villarreal

    Exactly 100 stars? Sounds like a job for Mario.

  65. Bhokolate Bhip Bookies

    I’m picturing Antons face on the Ancient Aliens meme

  66. SIMONP1965

    No such thing as aliens, to believe so is idiotic

  67. John Johansen

    A Dyson’s sphere should be really bright in the infrared wavelengths.

  68. Benjamin Stowe

    Do an episode on a “Thorne-Zytkow object” !

  69. Jacob Goerz

    Hello wonderful aliens!

  70. Mandrak789

    Some were flaring, some moved away, some might be actually asteroids or even passing rogue planets, and some are probably just picture artifacts.

  71. John Foster

    The chief alien turned the switch off.

  72. Ali Smith

    Clearly the First Order’s planet killing weapon using the star’s power has caused this, in a galaxy far far away.

  73. Docwho10th

    Davros stole 27 planets and I stopped him!

  74. Mark Richards

    The phenomenon could be explained by dark objects some closer distance to Earth like rogue planets passing in front of the stars.

  75. Mike Doonsebury

    Ever read “Three Body Problem”? That’s where they’re going.

  76. fumblerooskie

    It was later discovered that the missing star was a sneeze.

  77. MadeOfHemp

    It’s probably just a glitch in the simulation

  78. LightningNC

    Aliens would be, technically, a natural phenomenon.

  79. Hunam

    I wish that phenomenon happenned to most politicians…

  80. John Cyril

    The real question is…can we eat them?

  81. Angl0sax0nknight

    There would still be waste heat. Can’t hide infrared heat.

  82. Jo P

    Just recently discovered your channel Anton. Love and huge fan of the amount of videos that you upload. As a new space nerd lacking a lot of knowledge your videos are wonderfully informative and plentiful. There is always something you have uploaded for me to look forward to. You have such a gentle way of explaining things and I am also learning a lot. Just wanted to say I am a new subscriber and thank you so much!

  83. Dan Plays Daly

    I’m not saying its aliens but…Its Aliens 👽

  84. Klinsi24

    It’s just like the quantum moon in Outer Wilds: Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t!

  85. SangsungMeansToCome

    “It could be a Dyson sphere. We’ll find out in the near future.” Mother of God… That would change things.

  86. Justin Heller

    this dude is so underrated. He needs like 3x his current subs

  87. TeenTitanss

    ” First Order music starts ”

  88. The Professional

    I don’t always like a video before i watch it, but when I do, it’s an Anton Petrov video. Love ya man.

  89. T H

    You know what. Aliens or no aliens doesn’t really matter does it. All that matters is that our sun doesn’t go missing.

  90. Pat Pezzi

    Blame the cleaning lady. She removed all specs of dust from the mirror of the telescope. Mystery of the missing stars solved!

  91. the impostor

    Anton, you have to understand.
    I can’t shine all the time. I had to take a rest.

  92. Pup314

    These stars went out for smokes and just never came back.

  93. Iaman Empoweredone

    Can you “undiscover” a star?

  94. Esra Erimez

    Hello wonderful person reading this

  95. Just Saying

    Perhaps those, “missing stars” are just modest…

  96. Alex Lorda

    Seti is trying to find intelligent life in the universe. I’ve been trying to find intelligent life where I work. We’ve had the same luck.

  97. Just another guy

    *Were so used to saying “its not aliens” that when it finally really is aliens we’ll probably brush it off* 😂

  98. RT Arcand

    I have been known to disappear when cameras point my way.

  99. Aurinkohirvi

    When stars disappear, they usually have an alcohol/narcotics problem.

  100. 1stPCFerret

    *REMEMBER: IT IS NEVER ALIENS!* _(Unless, of course,it IS aliens.)_

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