A Star That Survived a Black Hole Encounter Is Turning Into a Planet

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery coming from a distant galaxy of a star that survived being swallowed by a black hole and is now slowly turning into a planet.
Study: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2002.00970.pdf

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  1. Amos Bordowitz

    It’s a new record for distance in measuring a star’s Mass but I’m pretty sure you didn’t actually mention the distance.

  2. antwan1357

    everything is relative…

  3. Alorand

    How could it lose mass every 9 hours for a trillion years?

  4. GrimJerr

    Wooooooow now there’s one I wouldn’t expect.

  5. Jason Mullings

    I thought light couldnt escape but a whole star just juked 1

  6. James M

    You are an excellent ambassador of your people. Thank you for your effort to share your humanity. Men like you and I have no reason to war for our Governments.

  7. Adymn Sani

    cool Anton, I observe something similar…every few hours I return to the ‘frig grab a Dr. Pepper and then swing back out to my chair :-) seriously though that is interesting….thanks for sharing

  8. Le Tigidou

    1:43 Shortest time interval between the word basically : Anton Petrov 2020 with 1.2 seconds.

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    You look really nice with your new haircut sir

  10. Hans Isbrücker

    So this blackhole would be on an intermittent fasting diet 😜

  11. elck3

    We’re also looking into the past

  12. trex nierobus

    It blew my mind wonderful person

  13. Joes Corner

    According to the movie Interstellar the star should of cam out of my closet door…

  14. James Hadaway

    not exactly survived but has been transformed to a planet status.

  15. Greg J

    Sounds great when do we go.

  16. ZORM

    Hello wonderful black hole

  17. Cindy Vickers

    Love your videos. They are loaded with information and great in depth explanations. May I ask what degree you hold?

  18. Ninosław Brzostowiecki

    Good to see some non Covid-19 related content for a change.

  19. Faybrian Hernandez

    In this country April fools starts at the beginning of the month, not towards the end. what do you mean a white dwarf is becoming a planet?

  20. alexn3o

    I envy your haicut, I need one.

  21. FatherBootyHands

    One of my coolest “what ifs” … If only planets/stars could talk…

  22. Jorge Marquez

    Are galaxies moving away from us? And if so is there an estimate of when everything will be so far away we will not see anymore galaxies?

  23. David Riggs

    Would love to see you make a video on the topic of the UFO video that the Pentagon just to the public. Some people think it’s evidence of extraterrestrials. A video with a reality check from you would be interesting.

  24. Some Guy

    This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen !! How did it pass through? I would assume the black hole’s gravity would have held the star in place until eventually devoured it. I’m not a scientific person so a lot of what is explained goes over my head, but it’s fascinating none the less !! Great video Anton you wonderful person!!!

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    I like your new thumbnails as we get to see side on Anton…

  26. Marco

    Anton do be looking smooth af doe…🥺

  27. Repomeister

    Very cool! Physics has just been turned upside down! We now know that things can, in fact, survive an actual encounter with a black hole.

  28. carolyn

    Very interesting Anton Thankyou

  29. adam west

    Love all your videos Anton. Keep up the good work. Science is king.

  30. deadworms

    I just noticed how Anton’s speaking voice’s tone varies with pitch. As he goes high with his voice it becomes very heady and light in tone. lol

  31. Kouga

    Anton seems to speak a bit more relaxed in this video, I like it.

  32. Mile High Immortal

    I thought that one of the defining characteristics to be a planet was to orbit a star. Pluto, Pluto, Pluto.

  33. Discomfort

    That star just found the secret to immortality.

  34. AF

    So your saying a Star makes space Mandela’s and creates an x ray heartbeat?
    (The galaxy brain would like to know your location)

  35. Kneedragon1962

    LOL ~ I can see where this is going.
    There’s a ship on that planet, and every thousand years or so they turn off the sleep field and remind the passengers the ship can’t leave until it has a full compliment of damp lemon scented paper towels…

  36. Austėja

    me after messing with universe sandbox 2: intresting

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    With your videos I see the wood and the trees. Thank you.

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    5:53 It’s as if there were a creative designer behind it all…

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    Anton: A thing happened but instead of reading a paper and citing it, I’m gonna play a video game.

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    Hello wonderful person! Did you cut your own hair? 😁 keep up the awesome videos! Love them!

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    Procession ????

    Looks more like somebody’s been playing with an old-fashioned Spirograph toy .

  42. MrDiaxus

    Doesn’t it seem like a leap to say we know this definitively?

  43. LieutenantLysol


  44. MC's Creations

    A blackhole that likes to eat slowly. Curious, really curious!
    Stay safe, everybody! 🖖😊


    Hey anton.
    Can you make a video on the recent encounter of earth with the asteroid which just passed close to earth today


  46. Don'z Lockz

    Always very interesting info we get way before documentaries on tv. ✌😎

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    Anton’s jawline is stronger than the gravity of this black hole

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    Black hole having meal ever 9 hours?

    Shows on my feed this video was posted 9hrs ago! 😳

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    I have never heard of stars becoming planets!

  50. Ammaar Mufti

    Best one yet – should be: ” … this story and welcome to what the math”, what the captions actually are : ” … this story and balconies with me on”

  51. Aaron Lowe

    4:10 if you slow it down to 0.25 speed, you can even see the speed this thing is zipping by.

  52. pecovgfx

    it was just a warning to other stars.

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    Much more watchable thumbnail. Pure info, no wackyness.

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    Nothing is impossible :B

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    See, this is how the Gods play Universe Billiards…”fifty galaxies says I can pot the white dwarf into that black hole…” boing

  56. N D

    Haha I never thought of that process happening! Good one wonderful people

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    That black hole’s Yelp review went through two hundred and fifty million years ago and we just received the review, “The Universe cafe star sandwich sucked.”

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    poor ol star. hope it finally got over having lost nearly all its former glory

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    Shouldn’t it be called “What the HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL math”????

  61. Jimbeaux

    I’m gonna go ahead and call this the least habitable planet we’ve found.

  62. YuseiFudo12321

    That star is a badass.

  63. Galaxiee

    you trying to not get spotted by your crush;

  64. David Reddig

    So is the closest approach of this star to the black hole called the “periholia”? lol

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    For a couple days I had to miss your show. I missed the joy I feel watching so much!

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    That further proves my theory that the meaning if life is birth.

  68. Frisbieinstein

    ” I survived that black hole and now I’m turning into a f***ing PLANET!”

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    Fascinating. Thanks Anton.

  70. Divino da Guia

    Imagine if we had the technology to throw stars in black holes. I would throw Beatle Juice in Sag-A.

  71. Nanada maroon

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  72. LordPoint

    Just imagine, how cool it would be to one day colonize and live on a planet that was once a star! Ofc, assuming we would pull it to a more safe orbit first.

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  77. memespace

    I always wonder about a quark star having this happen and all the strange matter being exposed to the universe.

  78. Cossack TwoFive

    A meme where blackholes turn an object into something :thinking:

  79. iknklst

    I’m starting to have the sneaking suspicion that when Anton is using his modeling software to create hypotheticals and experiment with them, through some unknown power or process what he creates becomes reality.

    I think everyone needs to be really nice to Anton or we’ll all be in some real trouble.

  80. Crixus Maximus

    So time on this world time alters depending on where it is in it’s eccentric orbit/how close it is to the hole. Speeds up and slows down. Fascinating.

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    Hail Anton. Master of the Universe.

  85. who likes spaghetti?

    star: hey guys, you know what? I just survived a black hole !
    anton enters the chat

  86. J.K BRO

    “you either die a star, or live long enough to see yourself become a planet”

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    Its interesting that those progression designs looked like my old spirograft( I can’t spell well.lol) its was a toy back in the 60’s I had one the super version…

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    Blackhole “you look delicious”

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    “I’m a star. The greatest star of them all!”

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  93. Oscar Gold

    Imagining how “violent” those events are every 9 hours 🙄
    Trillion years sounds meaningless, considering we’ve had electricity for some 150 years. I bet all life evolves to a same point when given enough time.

  94. shaun wilson

    How fast must that be travelling at to circle in 9 hrs seeing as how big the black hole is.

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    and all this happened 250 million years ago

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