A Centaur Just Became Active For Unknown Reason But What Is It?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about sudden activity observed on a distant centaur of Jupiter – we’ll also talk about centaurs in general.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2003.04904.pdf

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    How absolutely fascinating! Thank You, Anton. You inspire thought, which inspires us all.

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    centaur aliens have nothing to do with horses, a common misconception

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    2:30 Exactly what was in my head.
    Carl Sagan called Phoebe a “Potato Shaped World” in the original Cosmos, talking to an elementary school class.

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    Lol when I read active I had different thing in my mind

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    The alien probe’s reactivated.

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    I’ve been playing too many MMOs lately. I was expecting a totally different video.

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    They are becoming comets probably because the universe is getting hotter (earlier video). Btw, Play speed: 0.9x is good.

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    I like horses! ^.^

  14. Bruno Veras Ferreira

    That part about colision reminded me of the last season of The Expanse. No spoilers about how, but that’s exactly what happens.

  15. Directorix

    The impossible explanation would be an engine. An object trapped inside.

    I hope for possible explanations soon.

  16. irock ireckon

    I’ll take it that Haley’s comet is just a regular comic it comes by ever 70 or 80 years just wondering if it’s a special rock or not

  17. Justin Carnes

    We think it’s a comet, but really it’s just a massive rocket being sent to finish off 2020 with a bang.

  18. zerooskul

    2:30 Exactly what was in my head.
    Carl Sagan called it a “Potato Shaped World” in the original Cosmos, talking to an elementary school class.

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    Again, life extension better get going if I’m going to be around in 10 million years.

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    Perhaps something else just bumped into it , causing a bit of heatup and a chainreaction of some sort.

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    Its trying to reach us before 2020 is over…

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    I like how you mention in every other video, ” Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure it’s not going to hit us”. You are so comforting.

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    Could charged material coming in on the galactic current sheet ‘activate’ these bodies??

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    I wonder how many orbital bodies were captured from other solar systems or interstellar space.

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    Whoa whoa did that chart show centaurs bigger than Mars? Surely not?

    Edit: OK I see, confused me when I saw it earlier in video.

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    May be human activities in outer space making solar-warming

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    It’s a horse with a human bust in place of its head.

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    Getting a lot of strange videos on my own. Strange stuff and beings up there . Thanks Anton

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    “For *unkown reason*…. But what is it?” XD xD well no point in watching this one if the reason is unknown

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    3:07 hmmm i thought the fire and stuff was caused by friction when entering the Earths atmosphere.

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    That’s a space station!

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    “Mars is bright tonight.”

  45. Richard S

    I would say, being a comet is just a property which every asteroid has to a certain degree as soon at it gets closer to a heat or radiation source. That “degree of cometiveness” depends on the abundance of loose material or ice on the surface. Objects closer to the sun might have already lost that loose surface material over time.

  46. periurban

    Every time we take a closer look at the universe it behaves in ways we could not have predicted. Which makes me wonder why the hell we bother!

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    Space…the final frontier. This is our journey, to try to figure out wtf is going on out there!!!!
    Boggles the mind……

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    Honestly, sometimes I think all of his vids r fake/fluff as he puts out so much content when there shouldnt be this much for space lol

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    Can we use an object that going to be ejected from the solar system as a carrier ?

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    Could this have anything to do with the sun. It just reversed polarity.

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    December 21st new age begins… 2160 years

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    Fun fact: The name “centaur” comes from their dual classification as an asteroid and as a comet (Centaurs in Greek mythology are half-man half-horse creatures).

  55. AntonymicallyCorrect

    Another “surprise” discovery that is left unexplained by by a flawed model that cannot make predictions, whereas the electric universe theory predicts and explains this phenomenon

  56. The Big Picture

    Sentinels, watching, studying then disappear to report.

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    The one object to hit earth that would catch us off guard… The Centaur.

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    I’m still convinced Jupiter is a failed star.

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    Anton: ….moving through charged areas of “space” – different charges of ions in different areas of the solar winds.

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    Also Astronomers: “Oh, by the way- some Centaurs are big enough to cause total extinction events, and have unpredictable orbits.”

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