6 Planet Star System With a Perfect Orbital Pattern Never Seen Before

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of an unusual star system with an extremely well defined orbital resonance and planetary pattern.
Paper: https://www.aanda.org/articles/aa/full_html/2020/04/aa37254-19/aa37254-19.html
More about the system: https://exoplanets.nasa.gov/exoplanet-catalog/7611/hd-158259-b/

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  1. Br3ttM

    Probably the fact that they’re all so close together and moderately massive means the interactions between them are pretty strong. Short orbits mean they get in a lot more orbits in a given time period, letting those effects build up quickly.

  2. D Army

    How amazing is it to realise we know nothing which means there is still so much more to learn. Fun :)

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    This explains the Roswell incident

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    How much times used the word “extremely” ? :)

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    The sumerian texts say the waters from the skies mingled with the waters of the ground. What if st one point mercury and or venus hard water and it evaporated off and was absorbed by earth.

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    Life over there is certain. Though how complex and on what time line with us, we will likely never know

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    Will the inner planets eventually align and ‘kick’ the outer planet out?

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    Thanks, Anton for the wonderful explanations and theories.

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    I can hardly wait until we travel to all these strange places, thanks Anton

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    It’s weird how despite the force of the solar wind and the inertia of the atmosphere evaporation the planets are still so stable!

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    It’s to perfect must be ALIENS !!!

  14. James Purcer

    I heard that when Jupiter and Saturn swapped orbits, it introduced a stable resonance to our solar system. Certainly not the most stable, but stable enough for our world to spawn life and eventually… us. However, this is surely just speculation. What do we know?

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    what is the sound tune/ music that comes during the end at 10:43 ?

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    Let me know when you find an identical solar system as ours.

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    A question that comes to mind, is there any data from a binary star system?

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    “Almost exactly?” Actually it’s exactly, or it’s not.

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    The description should have a link to the previous video on the Titus-Bode equation.

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    “this law right here” 1:55 wondered how you would say that one :D

    Edit – i watched this at 33,222 views just a strange coincidence to the planetary resonance :D

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    Ahh, lucifer.

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    5:59 that spot I could only remove from my screen by going forward in the video

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    thanks Anton! Always great material to learn from.

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    Signs in the sky! Knowledge is being greatly increased.

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    More and more, I am thinking there was once another planet inside the orbit of Mercury, or we are simply just an oddball system.

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    At that distance, what sort of relativistic effects would there be?

  39. DontMaskTruth

    Overall resonance is a result of the inclination of everything to find equilibrium at rest, same with dampening. In another way, entropy and information are also expressions of this.

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    I’d like to know if Anton believes in intelligent life comparable or more advanced than ours

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    Anton is there a space that man could possibly build, and insert an extra planet as a world that would enhance our solar system?

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    Very interesting. Patterns everywhere!

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    Can you make a video telling my children, about what we know about the coolest exo planets found so far.

    Can’t wait until humans find the other earth!!! It’s closer then you think!!!!🙃

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    Clockwork star system. They should call it Jindosh.

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    hah my man didn’t want to try and say Titius-Bode

  52. Ethelred Hardrede

    From what I can tell the star’s age and metallicity is still unknown. There is no mention of a gas and dust disk still around it so its not a particularly new star. The claims of stability will be WAG’s until there is some clue as to how long the planetary system has existed.

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    I’d love to see a system where the planetary resonance makes a fibonacci sequence.

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    This is definitely the sort of thing that we should visit to see if was created by a more powerful civilisation as a message warning us of. . Something

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    This baffling structure for a system. Intriguing indeed.

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    Title: Perfect star system discovered.
    Me, an intellectual: _Aliens?_

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    This orbital resonance can of course be related to Keplers third law: the square of the orbital period as related to the cube of the axis of the orbit is constant for all the planets in a system.

  64. gakpad the junkrat boy

    I have a question. could there be a planet in our solar system that we arent aware of if it orbited opposite of earth to the sun at all times so that we were never able to see it from earth?

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    3:2 is the ratio of a perfect 5th interval to its root note in music. It is universally considered to be the most pleasing harmony to the human ear.


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    Anything beyond Jupiter orbits the Sun and Jupiter, so its a different orbital resonance group out there.

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    This system should be a priority for JWST! Would be very interested to see atmospheric compositions. I am very nervous about JWST. Hoping it works, wishing we built a sister telescope, would have been much cheaper.

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    dear Anton. I really enjoy your channel. I have seen something strange and unexplainable in Germany in the 90s and I think we are not alone in the Universe. I also believe that the Omuamua Object was Artificial because nothing can explain the amount of reflectivity. It must be made of metal and is probably very shiny. We missed the chance to study it and that really is a shame. Humans are dumb.

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