37 Enormous Strangely Shaped Volcanoes Found on Venus

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of 37 potentially active volcanoes on Venus.
Paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41561-020-0606-1

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  1. Zarcondeegrissom

    I recall some time ago, it was described as it looked like the planed resurfaced periodically with the amount of lava flows on the planet and age of the craters. one documentary (The Universe, The History Channel) had a rather nifty demonstration using a bull of pudding and the crust that forms on it. cool stuff.

  2. Cas Moons

    Hello wonderful strange volcano, this is Cas

  3. arno kosterman

    Nice naming the corona💟
    This brought me the understanding of……….
    Cluster totaletys 😍 in the understanding of space en motion😍💟

  4. Johan

    You normally stick to standard units of measurement, but used ‘miles’ in this one? Why? Only a few countries in the world use that arcane, obsolete unit of measurement.

  5. rodgersericv

    Actually I am a wonderful person. People wonder about me.

  6. WhackBytch

    2000 mile wide lava bubbles in Hell…. why is that surprising 🤔

  7. x God Beerus x

    Hey anton could you do some digging on this supposed Astrophysicist that confirmed vehicles not of this world have been studied i would like to know the credibility of this Astrophysicist and if there is any documentation about it since I’m sure you’d know which sources are credible i heard about it from The NYTimes

  8. Docta Osiris

    More Corona, how appropriate 🤣

  9. Kai Roach

    Hope none of those giant corona never infect earth we would be really screwed.

  10. Larry Baker

    Venus has massive volcanic activities that would be the most likely cause of it’s runaway greenhouse effect, ie global warming.

  11. Sammy Smith

    Is it wrong that I ´ve just made a 10 hour video loop of Anton saying Hello, wonderfull person?, Am I still a sane person?

  12. SunRaIV

    scifi: in some million years when the sun is weaker we may move again and this time to venus

  13. Nolan

    I wonder how much those volcanoes affect those 50-60 km high airflows. One of the big concerns regarding aerostat habitation is just how stable you could keep such a colony. Frequent turbulence could be a major roadblock to such efforts as you could constantly be under threat of disruptive air flows.

  14. Clive

    Keep up the good work Anton.

  15. 2nd_place

    We don’t really need any more corona in 2020, thanks.

  16. I Like Green Erasers

    Happy Monday Anton!!

  17. UniquelySamuel

    Are these giant corona volcanoes at all similar to Earth’s supervolcanoes such as Yellowstone?

  18. Melinda Green

    Yes, Venus’ thick atmosphere and stronger gravity are huge advantages over Mars when it comes to colonization.

  19. Rebel Without a Clue

    Oh! And Elon Musk, of course.😂😂😂

  20. Ummer Farooq

    I think the whole of Venus is pretty active.

  21. Logan P E

    I’d like a little lime with my Corona!

  22. Kris Grauel

    Great content. I hope to see us send a balloon mission to Venus and get a permanent settlement of sorts in the clouds.

  23. Rob Harwood

    Great job, Anton! You’re getting better and better, and your choice of topics seems to be broadening, while still maintaining a kind of ‘theme’ (future of humanity?) that seems to more and more ‘represent’ this channel. That’s very cool, in my opinion! 😁


    loving the venus videos!!!

  25. frank lazarewicz

    You always enlighten me thanks And great evil genius accent /haha

  26. doug smith

    I can’t help it but at first glance you remind me of Elon Musk…it’s a relief knowing I find you’re not…

  27. nosuchthing8

    All that CO2 has to come from SOMEWHERE


    This one was particularly entertaining. How are you manage to keep a straight face while saying some of that stuff was Beyond me

  29. Annika de Beer

    Was I the only who thought of Corona virus in this video

  30. Lujo0707

    Oh great, now we have corona on Venus also!

  31. Sam Welbourne

    Tectonics of a superfluid or formerly superfluid surface layer! Mind boggling volcanos would fit.

  32. The Great Hadoken

    So I was just taking a walk on Venus the other day (well I say ‘day’, but on Venus a day is longer than a year), y’know, to clear my head and get out the house what with the Coof lockdown and everything, and so I was just minding my own business and what should I see but 37 volcanoes that I swear weren’t there before.

    Thanks for telling everyone what I found, Anton.

  33. Stephen Thomas

    At 8:39 The Giant Hamster of Venus.

  34. Greg Downer

    Seek out and listen to what those who were part of the secret space program and military industrial complex black budget projects have to say about Venus. Humans are already there.

  35. Geoffrey Kail

    If it’s a molten core, Does it have a magnetic field also?

  36. magicsinglez

    What I got out of this is that we’ve learned more about volcanoes on Earth, if one accepts this new theory regarding how volcanoes are formed, at least it’s new to me. Australia has 1 volcano while Alaska seems to have 1 billion. Volcanoes sure seem to like land, unless we somehow cannot see all the volcanoes under water.

  37. Zachary Fluke

    Venus is one strange world, and it’s so close to Earth. Yet we never talk about it in normal public discourse. Mars gets all the love, and I love Mars, but I really want more people to realize how incredible and bizarre Venus is.
    Most people who aren’t super interested in watching space stuff in their free time, probably just assume that Mercury must be the hottest planet, since it’s the first from the Sun. And people don’t seem to realize how earth-like Venus is, and how much closer it is.
    We should get the general public to start imagining vast cloud cities on Venus. Maybe someday :’/

  38. Emmet Ray

    Venus is the closest thing to hell that we know of that has a solid surface.

  39. Luis Aldamiz

    0:58 – UNDERSTATEMENT of the century!

    Maybe even off the whole Human paleo-history, probably of the history of a whole galactic sector!

    “Relatively thick atmosphere”. Relatively to what? Is there a denser atmosphere anywhere we know of?

  40. Aaron B

    I do like Venus :) Just by the way. . . I didn’t realize Mars was that small 00:35.

  41. John Smith

    Corona on venus in 2020. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

  42. Shadow Dragon

    I guess you could say: Venus has Coronavirus!

  43. SKADI Dalesen

    Nice! Thanks for frequent updates!


    Hopefully, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk will get a team together to start working on shake N bake colonies.
    ‘They mostly come out at night, mostly’
    Rebecca Jorden.

  45. Fida Siddiqui

    Thanks for very informative astronomy daily video.

  46. theGhostKid LTU

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  47. Christopher Carr

    I wonder if you could get one hell of an eruption — I’ll call it _hypervolcanic,_ because that sounds bitchin’ — if you had eruptions around the perimeter of the corona sufficient to drain enough of that magma bubble that the crust above it collapsed — suddenly causing a piston sort of action, compressing the bubble and then blowing the whole thing out.

    Sort of like an VEI 8 rhyolitic caldera-forming eruption on Earth. But it would be VEI 16! ;-)

  48. Automation Proficient

    Venus has corona, that’s enough reason to look back to Mars

  49. Fran Tabor

    There have been times of massive volcanism on earth—all associated with massive die-offs.

  50. MC's Creations

    Hmmm… Maybe we could try some bacteria there. Because even if Venus has life on the upper atmosphere, we could never collect and study it.

  51. jumbonium

    we are drawn, with some chemical and quantum procedure but we are drawn, lmao

  52. Frankie Lee

    I don’t know if I’m missing something but when I try to look up videos I can’t find anything on it and that is what makes the sun stay in its place or is it moving and we moving with it?

  53. kjell159

    Just some pareidolia, but it looks like a mouse curled up.

  54. RoastedToasted

    Got demonitized for saying “corona” too many times.

  55. The Fuppits

    Consider the volcano’s to be like acne – the surface region being so hot and saturated with nasty compounds, the crust acts like hot sweaty oily skin.

  56. ezzz9

    Scientists are finally starting to understand that the sun’s activity has a direct connection to earth’s earthquakes. I would think they will find the actively on Venus is also from the sun’s activity considering it is a lot closer to the sun.

  57. Craggle

    8:33 Anyone else see a sleeping mouse?

  58. Paul

    he keeps saying the C word D: demonetised!!!

  59. Allen King

    Is Anton the youtuber Petard? He sounds suspiciously like him imo

  60. Zero the glitch

    hey venus is like hell but wait i have big news

    we can have life there

    so we are basically creating life in hell

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    My gawd! Hands down… this is one of the greatest n smartest science videos I’ve seen in a long time! 🤘🎸🤘🤘🥰🤩🧠💚
    Best YT channel ever!🤘🤘

  62. DoctorCat12

    Could you please put What The Math on the backside of your t-shirts also. Please let me know I will take two

  63. Joe Yamada

    You can see a volcano going off in the background of that picture of the probe

  64. Exar

    So, does this change the theory that Venus turned itself inside out or was it just huuuuuge flood basalt events?

  65. Razvan Mihaeanu

    Terraforming Venus: baking soda!
    This way we’re gonna kill also the native Xenomorphs.

  66. Ulfhedinn Tyr

    I always had an expectation that Venus was blue. I don’t know why. When I seen a actual image of the planet in my youth, I was shocked at it’s appearance.

  67. Kevin Blanchette

    I for sure thought for a long second, that this thumbnail was actually a bacon strip

  68. bumboybandit

    hi anton thanks mate and yes jay we love him. i love him more tho 😃

  69. James Worden

    37 active volcanoes! And that’s just the ones we’ve discovered!

  70. din mamma

    *aliens be like*
    when will these DENSE human beings get that we’re trying to reach them?

  71. A. Q.

    There is an underground civilization on Venus and they don’t like Anunnaki, humans or anybody else.

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    wait, even on Venus they have Corona now?

    -I’ll see myself out xD

  73. RDE Lutherie

    The realization that you have been through the whole video, when Anton ends with “Space out”! (<:

  74. Logan P E

    They’re not volcanoes… They’re very big smokestacks! We’ve been looking at the wrong planet that has
    “A Vast Cold Intellect, studying our defenses!”

  75. Victor Bruant

    Anyone here ever managed to return from Eve?
    Duna is so much easier.

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  78. ironhead2008

    Interesting how those corona seem to be found mostly in the lowlands .

  79. Brian Philpott

    Venus is very cool through my 6” telescope

  80. Robin Nilsson

    Those corona formations look as if Venus is having a very serious case of acne

  81. Silas Dense

    Venus is a lot more geologically active than I expected.
    Informative video.
    Thank you.

  82. Sander Ananas

    In about 300 years

    Venus: G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  83. PsyintZ

    Okay, we are definitely overusing the word “Corona” at this point. I’ve heard it used to describe at least 3 or 4 things in Anton’s recent videos alone. We’ve got the Corona virus, the Sun’s corona, black hole ‘mystery coronas,’ Venusian volcanic coronas, and of course, the cold Corona I happen to be ironically sipping on at the moment. What’s next?

  84. Carlos Saraiva

    “Doesn’t hurt to colonize Venus”
    Oh yes it will hurt! The place’s hell.

  85. epsilene

    It’s funny how you could theoretically have a habitable “cloud city” on Venus, but due to extreme radiation and turbulent atmospheres it’d be impossible on Jupiter or Saturn.

  86. Squirrel ASMR

    I always find the venera probe images so fascinating, even more than any mars photos. I dont know why. Maybe because venus is just so inhospitable currently at the surface.

  87. 2l84t

    They look like a mantle plume under high pressure . A bubble that couldn’t pop so it collapsed.

  88. Ross McLeod

    Mars is a bore. Venus lights my fire.

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    We don’t need another planet, we need rotating cans in space for gravity.

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    Interesting. Given that Venus can’t have lost all its heat from accretion and radioactive decay yet I have always thought that there HAS to be active volcanoes on Venus. I wish we would send a balloon probe there already that could sample the atmosphere at different altitudes.

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    They should name a volcano Mt. Wonderful Person 🗻

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    I just love Venus. A really complex and underrated planet

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    Oh we’re finally uncovering the secrets of Venus, after Earth, Mercury and Mars!
    Love all of ya tiny rocks.

    Oh, by the way, we’ve got the word *corona* again again again.

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    Just send millions of tons of baking soda and drop into the atmosphere.

  99. yeah I'm John Assal

    I’d say “a relatively thick” atmosphere is an understatement.

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