3 Strange New Discoveries from Titan Suggest It’s Very Active

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new updates from Saturn’s moon Titan that suggest active volcanoes, missing lakes and that apparently it’s moving away from Saturn 100x faster than we thought.

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  3. Fran Tabor

    It has been postulated that earth’s atmosphere is maintained at the triple point of water (on average, balanced liquid, gas and solid forms exist simultaneously) because of the balancing effects of life on a global scale. If long-term triple point stability is a reliable bio-signature, then Titan must have life. If it has scientists, those scientists undoubtedly believe complex water-based life is unlikely because of all known substances, only water expands when frozen—thus bursting cells that get too cold.

  4. David Levesque

    Water Ice, at that distance. Isn’t it amazingly brittle.
    I should check, but I thought Titan gets pulled back towards Saturn regularly after doing it’s drifting thing. Mr Petrov is looking more chipper lately.

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    I don’t like Titan very much… A certain purple guy came from there. 😐

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    Oops. That was a bad slip Anton. Huygens probe = ESA.

  7. Deep Recce

    Sorry Anton just clarify is Titans moving away at 0.1cm ( 2:48) or 11cm per year (4:00) ?

  8. Joseph Knurek

    11 centimeters per year in a 750k mile orbit, very fast? what is the margin of error of the measurement? :-)

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    If it didn’t have life before, think of all the Earth life that parachute had on it.

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    Titan must be pulled by Saturn at the equator causing the lake migration. Equatorial bulge

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    imo we will not find an advanced alien race until we can forget how life forms as we know it.

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    We need to colonize Titan so the smart people can get away from the democrats.

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    Being active meant something entirely different to apparently just me. I’m kinda upset that this dude uses lacking words to get clicks. I’d suggest better title’s. I wouldn’t have watched this knowing it didn’t have aliens.

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    Jupiter is trying to steal Titan. That giant is picking on Saturn because his rings aren’t as beautiful. (Jk, Jupiter, we love you! Please don’t absorb us.)

  21. Darth Fakington

    Wasn’t it ESA that took the photos rather than Nasa as stated?

  22. Osmosis Jones

    Could a mars sized planet crossing a super puff have a cycle of gaining and losing atmosphere and could Gliesa 1241b be a medium Puff. I count Ploto as a Minny puff

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  24. yeme

    0:16 “actual footage that NASA was able to get…” The Huygens lander that took that footage of Titan was a European Space Agency vehicle, NASA built the Cassini orbiter it was paired with

  25. Sewer Man

    Bro that looks computerised af.Can we get like a heat resistant camera and take a REAL goddamn picture like you would a phone.maybie its too dark to see.I wish after i die i can leave my body and fly off into the universe to truly see all these wonders with my own dead eyes……I WISH

  26. Butch Cassidy

    We thought we thought we thought, I wonder how many mistakes you would find in scientific papers throughout the entire scientific community and I bet you would find that they make more mistakes and more arrows about their assumptions than actual findings! But yet they tell themselves that they know better than everyone else.

  27. Glenn Smith

    Very exciting discoveries, possible signs of life on two of Saturn’s moons. We have to send more probes to investigate.

  28. Gregory Kitchens

    Its the only other body in our system with liquid on the surface, yet we’re wasting resources on Mars and Saturn and our moon. I realize we’re going to need to be on the moon to eventually get to places like Mars or titan.

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    Hey, the pyramid ships are about to land on titan… Rip giant sea monster…

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    So if titan was to get far enough away from Saturn will the title locking stop and will titan start to spin again

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    That low light would explain why grey’s have such big eyes ;)

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    What cause the rocks there to be round edges, must have had flowing water at once

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    Hi! So why don’t gas planets have gas moons?

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    It would be fascinating to see the changes to Titan if it were moved much closer to the sun.

    Thanks Anton.

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    11cm per Earth year, or Saturn year?

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    How does something that small keep such a thick atmosphere?

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    5:00 It is a good thing that your cursor is not shaped like the Enterprise. Or is that an Imperial Destroyer?

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    I was thinking the reflections might be from ice but not WATER ice.

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    i had a double decker swing for my children way up high in the fir i had to climb. and my swing now one shove and because rope is different lengths on each side cause of the upward tilt of the branch it swings by itself without me pumping or having to have someone push. really neat.

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    The CGI is going to be full blown evidence for the flat earth peeps. 🤣

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    Cassini just sounds great, doesn’t it? Like you just opened a soda or a cold beer on a hot day…

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    So the atmosphere is mostly methane. Strange that . I bet it stinks 🤣🤣

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    So you’re saying that on titan, we are made of lava.

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    Anton: How about Europa? At one time it was thought the best chance of finding life was there? — George —

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    Hello wonderful Anton! Thanks for the update. Titan is truly fascinating.

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    Titan. A moon of very cold hydrocarbons. No life here then.

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    Is my screen ratio off, or are the captions outside of the frame?

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    Titan may be able to accommodate life similar to Earth & vice versa. Very cool! But I’m 💯 positive that there is Lifeforms on other planets that wouldn’t be able to Live in an “Earth like” environment. ✌

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    this was very informative , thank you :))

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    Titan is very cold. How can we warm it up so that we terraform the moon for human base ?

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    I love your short talks enough science for it to be good and understandable. Excellent job thank you

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    We knew for a fact it was only moving away 1 cm per year until we didnt.

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    Thank you Anton…this was really interesting…somethings I am learning for the first time…

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    Let’s go to AP’s favorite moon, Titan, “…and possibly make a colony or two.”. ! ! !

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    Even 1% the light we have is enough to see a lot.

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    That sight, while standing on Titan and looking up. Wow…

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    5:53 Seems like a pretty big lake to the southeast of xanadu

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    good episode, thanks …I watched a Sci Fic movie years ago that involved changing humans genetically to enable them to live and work outside on Titan, and fly too…it was a bit disjointed but had an interesting story line,,,it ended with one hybrid succeeding to change without life ending damage…so the ending was kind of promising

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    Also, It would be cool if they could put a rover to titan.

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    I’ve actually been on Titan. I can confirm it is very active, complete with rain

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    Titan might end up orbitting the sun between uranus ans saturn.

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    Sounds like a better chance of finding life on Titan than anywhere else in the solar system

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    I propose that water and ice volcanoes be henceforth named “Aquanoes.”

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    The lander was from the ESA. It hitched a ride on NASA’s vehicle.

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    saturn: are you actually trying to drift away from me, titan?!
    titan: no, not at all
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