25 Space Discoveries of The Last Decade That Blew Our Minds

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the biggest space stories of the entire decade. This is all of the important stuff that happened between 2010-2019…although I’m sure I forgot some so post whatever I missed in the comments below.

  1. TheoriginalTHX007

    Still a year left in this decade

  2. Osmosis Jones

    You have to mine huge details to Disprove Omuahmuah being an alien probe

  3. walt7500

    The decade ends at 31 December 2020, 24:00.

  4. Pup314

    Decades officially end with a 1 year, 1, 11, 21, 31, etc. as there is no year 0.

  5. john schleeter

    anton why don’t they build a prone and have it out by mars so when a comet starts it fall in toward the sun it has teathered itself to the comet so when the comet gathers speed it rides along and when it reaches max releases and flys off at a speed we cant reach the probe should reach pluto in no time comets reach 366 miles a second it could even fill up and fill its o2 tanks fuel at 500000 miles a day 90 days to pluto

  6. Brandaan Vandebotermet

    the Kepler space telescope did not discover the TRAPIST exoplanets… they were discovered by a ground based observatory called the trapist observatory.

  7. WildfireRND

    The decade isn’t over yet because there wasn’t the year number 0.
    And the Voyagers never left the Solar system (if they did then TNOs like Sedna either don’t belong to the Solar system or spend most time of their orbit past its borders – both statements sound nonsense)

  8. K


  9. derdagian1

    Sphinctering black holes sure do Jet the πŸ’©. Is the πŸ’© exceeding the speed of light getting out? The Axis of the Jets is a specialized part of the big black hole. Zone of A Crystal Laser Emmissions???
    Someone’s messing with me, Anton.

  10. Enio Guedes

    You forgot one huge discovery but that appeared to be not so important… Well, you know, that Saturn have some “flying saucers” orbiting around it. I mean Atlas, Pan and that old moon known as Iapetus. Yes, three old and abandoned space ships, Iapetus being the most important, because… well, it is very strange and also it’s orbit has some very exact values, it was put there by an ancient alien race, known as the martian people that don’t exist “anymore” because Mars was a moon of a planet that exploded…
    Marduk was a super-earth and was in the same region of our asteroid belt and it’s the reason why there are so many asteroids there! After the explosion Mars lost it’s planet and orbited the sun and was heavily bombarded by the fragments of it’s now non existent planet. This also explains why Mars have such a long eccentricity compared to Earth and Venus. Mars in fact looks more like a moon than a planet and is very strange, same as Mercury, which had a very tormented past, it was one of those puffy gas planets that lost all the atmosphere, and the exposed core was bombarded by many asteroids later, forming our known Mercury. But this happened billions of years before Marduk exploded. Marduk exploded because of an experiment mardukians were doing, with advanced energy manipulation…
    Beware CERN scientists! Earth could have a similar destiny too because of bad and crazy science, rsrsrsrsrs!
    Mardukians lived in Mars for some time, and even built cities, pyramids and sculpited a huge face visible from space (well, they already did that much before they destroyed their own planet), and had to move to Earth because later Mars lost most of it’s atmosphere by a war between them in Mars, you know, scarce resources… and there is evidence… pieces of metal, skulls, statues and artifacts between the rocks! And now they exist as humans, that is a mix of monkey and martians/mardukians. Yes, the bible is correct a bit, when it says that humans is a creation of some intelligence… But that intelligence is not God, but the mardukians/martians. And you know who built those “flying saucers” around Saturn? Them, of course! For… well, for whatever reason, nobody knows!
    They liked Saturn and were interested in Titan. Perfect!
    Maybe Titan have that dense atmosphere because of them… Oh, maybe that atmosphere is artificial! Did anyone else thought of this possibility before? Think, a huge atmosphere for such a small moon with very low gravity and density too. Even Ganymede and Callisto are almost airless… while Titan have so much air. Very irregular indeed! Titan may have been a geo-engineered world, much like what we will do with Moon, Mars and Venus one day! And they were interested in creating alien life based on methane or to use Titan for fuel resource. Why I didn’t think of this before? Maybe Titan atmosphere was created to serve as a complex hydrocarbon and organics resource world!
    And now that it is there we could use all that methane and complex organics for… advanced materials? WOW!
    Just kidding, right? ;) Although that would make an excellent science ficion story indeed, rsrsrsrsrs!

  11. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi very good nice job.

  12. Bruce Smith

    β€œI set a course just east of Lyra
    And northwest of Pegasus
    Flew into the light of Deneb
    Sailed across the Milky Way
    On my ship, the ‘Rocinante’
    Wheeling through the galaxies,
    Headed for the heart of Cygnus
    Headlong into mystery”
    Cygnus X-1, Rush

  13. Effect Without Cause

    Doesn’t the decade end when 2020 ends?

  14. Eman Name

    I wish the human race was intelligent and aware enough not to destroy it’s own planet and do all the other unsavory things it does…

  15. Drunken FPV


  16. Textra1

    Why are you doing a decade retrospective when there is still one year left in the decade? 2020th year means 2019 years and (as of today) 8 days. Still 358 days to go.

  17. Osmosis Jones

    Is our solar system really wierd or is it just direction of the teloscopes. Maybe solar Systems form differently in different areas. Farther or out or closer in . Or maybe our solar system is an artificial haven

  18. Ar Hent


  19. Ben Quinney

    To mars and beyond

  20. Frank from Way Off Topic Radio And ISCPPODCAST

    M87… biggest story

  21. TheLeonhamm

    The greatest – and least acknowledged – advance in ‘science’ or rather ‘space events’ or astronomy over the last ten or twenty years is .. in computer-generated imagery. But you cover most of the other really interesting events far better than I ever could.

  22. Emile de Groot

    TOI 700 d next? Exoplanets were so last decade. Maybe we get lucky with a habitable planet soonish.

  23. Assinum

    your channel is adictive

  24. GhostRadio

    I predict in the next decade an unknown object will enter our solar system and it will be visible from earth. It will perplex scientist, yet not the normal person.

  25. vaannebilim

    When political and ideological dumbness ruins my day I come to watch the universe and learn from people all around the world of their discoveries where all the humanity feel small and hopeless in front of the nature of something that’s real but also fascinated

  26. GT Godbear

    Do you know anything special about Cruithne worth making a video over. We don’t ever hear much about it.

  27. Maxx Reverie

    Space X, why they dont use PARACHUTES for most of the descent is beyond me

  28. Phoenix Rize

    All this is fake & cgiπŸ˜’…
    Change my mind

  29. derdagian1

    Mark Isaac is Not Able to stop me.
    I get a Trophy!

  30. William Standish

    But, how did humanity change?

  31. Nasha UT

    The decade is not over yet (it will be after December 2020) so we might still have one whole year for wonderful discoveries…

  32. Vampirerockstar

    Godspeed voyagers

  33. Ben Quinney

    Preferred definition

  34. George Smith

    You put out so many videos do you have a day job?

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    Hello wonderful *Minecraft* πŸŒ«πŸŒ‘πŸŒ’πŸŒ“πŸŒ”πŸŒ•πŸŒ–πŸŒ—πŸŒ˜πŸŒ«

  36. ken bushel

    Omuahmuah came into our solar system, changed direction? then sped out of our solar system!..anyone hear of this? ( not a solar sling shot)…hmm.

  37. Joker

    Anton did you do a video on the radio waves that astronomers cannot decide the origin of but are in a nearby galaxy? I’m trying g to sound smart .🀣

  38. derdagian1

    I suggest cancelling your cable tv or dish whatnot, and go straight up on the rocks Anton. Give him what you pay Direct TV. The only reason to pay for cable TV is discovery shows, in the first place. And, he works night and day!!

  39. PC Bart-Panzer

    Does anyone know where Antov gets all this great information? I wish to share in enjoying learning about the universe.

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    Wonderful video from a wonderful person

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    Did you say neutron star neutron Star?

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    That was not toutatis that was ida. Great videos love your daily reports. How do you do it! I really love that you think I’m a wonderful person.

  43. gary proffitt

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  44. derdagian1

    I kind of think that Richard Dawkins studies me like a book. He knew I was going to eventually say God did something and He wants to say, bπŸ’©, YOU CANNOT TEST FOR GOD. But, I Assumed God. Person 2 assumed God. My test is for the Accuracy of the Information that she got. It’s a little more $uce$$ful than Dawkins knows!!! To the penny, to the day, On Time!
    I ALWAYS HAVE PROOF, THEREFORE, don’t fk with me, Richard Dawkins.
    Yer Draw.

  45. Spark877

    Thank you

  46. jester26uk

    Does NASA have any Venus missions planned?

  47. bo j

    You’re just reading straight from the NASA page.
    If we have so many probes out in space why can’t they land a probe on the moon so we can see it from earth with telescopes?
    It should be easy enough since they claim there’s so many probes all over space much further away than the moon.

  48. Noelle Daniels

    Hi Anton watching from Australia

  49. derdagian1

    Your 50K viewers are part of the stupid plot, Anton.
    Coaster and Kermit need their A$$e$$ Kicked.
    Google’s the only culpable Entity, at this Point.

  50. danielvandam

    Hoping for a video on the newly discovered exoplanet TOI 700d !

  51. Christopher Van Hoof

    Hello to you too wonderful Anton

  52. Black Hole Generator

    thank you anton

  53. Gordon Dry

    Three comments about the end of the decade right now. A good value.

  54. Garry Iglesias

    I love space disco myself… One of the best hit is the french “Magic Fly” from “Space”…
    BTW, You have nice disco balls on top of your dancefloor… What’s the model ? Supernova ? Sounds great.

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    Everyone forgets Kepler-452b πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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    Greetings. Good video as always. Thanks for your efforts. :)

  63. Dan Hill

    Anton you should make a vid about TOI 700d … keep up the great vids πŸ‘‹πŸ˜

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    Two tatties? Sounds like a Scottish guy named it lmao

  65. Azlan Ameer

    in last decade me too discovered a unique thing. this is ur channel.

  66. Catina Birdcage

    some might need another decade in order to understand this .

  67. Ethan Young

    Anton. Your inspirational. Thanks bro.

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    New Decade starts NEXT year. Just sayin’…

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    I saw Mr. Hanky comet :) LOL

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    I won’t be using any other name for Ultima Thule.

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    Great video, for the next decade I recommend you finally put a new profile photo! ^^

  78. Jessica Caissie

    Pictures of Pluto was the discovery that got me the most excited! Gravitational waves was a close second.

  79. Jeff A

    Excellent! Happy New Space Year, Anton!

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    Carl Sagan’s Cosmos turns 40!!! :O

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    Id love if a big enough medeor came down an destroyed a big city. Call me crazy, but I ain’t got family so..!..

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    Wow, what an amazing decade!

  85. Marcus Cicero

    What is the higher probability by Dec 31st, 2029…
    Anton: still making daily Youtube videos
    Discovery: we’ll know there is life in the universe

  86. KozmykJ

    Events and discoveries for sure.
    Interesting stuff, additions to the body of knowledge.
    Humanity transformed ?
    Excellent work spreading the news btw πŸ‘

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    Anton’s voice is so calming. I watch a lot of shouty politics channels and he’s one the people l can relax to afterwards as well as learn a little.

  88. Chiky Scares You

    I hope when quantum computers become more affordable, they get used for spacw exploration, that”d push us up so much

  89. Bhokolate Bhip Bookies

    What’s everyone’s favorite?
    My favorite discovery/achievement was the imaging of the first black hole. The way you could feel the energy of those who presented it and spoke about it and the people who tuned in to watch it live on YouTube with me was incredible. The way we had to have so many great people coming together, putting their heads together, all working towards one main goal and making it happen was great to watch and I will always be proud and thankful I could witness it.

  90. Ken Kir

    Can’t wait for Astroid in Love protagonists to discover their astroid. πŸ‘

  91. Texasaurus

    2026 is going to be the year we find extraterrestrial life. Like this post in 2026 when YouTube recommends wonderful Anton

  92. Ethan Young

    “Dethklok voice” Titan copter titan copter

  93. Andrew Y

    Idea for a book or something: ’30 years after earth has last heard from either of the voyager missions, someplace on earth suddenly hears from one of them again. Wondering how that could be possible, NASA points their most advanced telescopes towards where the voyager missions left the solar system, only to find both Voyager 1 and 2 are headed back towards the solar system, orbiting extinction event sized asteroids on direct paths to hit the Earth, the trajectory of the second asteroid even accounting for the new orbit The Earth will have after the first hits’

  94. A Wallach

    Wow, I had forgotten how many big discoveries there were in the past decade or so. πŸ‘πŸ»

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    Cant wait for the James Webb telescope to finally launch

  96. africsnail africsnail

    17:20 Electron is a name of the rocket, not the company. The company is Rocket Lab

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    No one Else around here says, β€œdare me to unzip and flop a simple machine out.”
    I’m trying to find a physicist with too much of my money.

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    An incredible decade of discovery. In fact, the last 30 years have been amazing.

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    In the last decade I made a wonderful discovery related to space….. your channel! thanks Anton

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