18.6 Year Lunar Cycle May Dramatically Increase Floods On Earth

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an intriguing NASA prediction based on the observation of lunar cycles that suggests increase in floods in the next 20 years
Paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41558-021-01077-8
Essentials of Oceanography: https://www.e-education.psu.edu/earth540/content/c6_p1.html
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NOAA, https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/publications/techrpt86_PaP_of_HTFlooding.pdf

NASA Earth Observatory/Joshua Stevens
NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio.
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  1. pruna blue pepper

    Oh wow! Age old forgotten knowledge rediscovered.

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  3. Rory Witham

    Well done,
    I’ve known about this for a very long time.
    I’m surprised that the Luna travel is not calculated within the study and the equal reverse.

    A lot better than the political claims being made for profits in this matter.

  4. Moritz L

    We had a really big flood in Germany where some rivers set a new record with 3m + more water than the last record.
    we don’t have to wait until 2030 to get new flood records…

  5. †capellus RD

    We need piccolo to blow it up

  6. penguindrum264

    Damn, anytime Anton does a video like this, it brings out some politcal weirdos in the comments who clearly lack basic listening comprehension.

  7. Jeff Russell

    If it wasn’t for the moon we would still be painting in caves, trying to understand the moon cycle was the birth of logical thinking for the human races

  8. Stephen Thomas

    Well timed for the full moon today marking the beginning of Buddhist Lent. Sawasdee Visakhabucha. Sathu. Sathu. Sathu.

  9. Lil Mike

    FlatTards are struggling to explain how it’s a glitch in the Hologram. Simultaneously trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

  10. SeeTheWholeTruth

    Best thing about all our “knowns” is they sit in a nano scale compartment of the age of our solar system. But they love to be certain and publish anyway. Ridiculous.

  11. Dodgy XD

    oh shittt

  12. bonbonaro bonbonarov

    Latest suggestion was that the Moon does not affect the water levels on Earth .
    Moon: hold my drink.

  13. Alron D'Abreo

    In India specifically in Mumbai we get floods every monsoon.. it’s happening since as far back as I can remember and i am 25, by 2030 if the intensity is increased i think 2/3 of Mumbai will be underwater for the entirety of the monsoon season.

  14. Alejandro Hernandez

    One can only imagine what knowledge was recorded in the ancient library’s that where burned.

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  16. Josephine Poppy Prince

    Thank you 😊

  17. CeNedra

    I’m in England, all the seasons are rainy seasons 😂

  18. Identitools

    FUCK YEAH BRING IT ON! We just need some insect swarm and the apocalypse is complete

  19. Shaurie Pvs

    1:00 lol I didn’t expect I would ever see my mother tongue language “Telugu” in Anton’s video 😅

  20. Jamie Custance

    Excellent video, thankyou

  21. Jonathan Horton

    Its not the moon that increasing its wobble, its the earth….

  22. EveryOneActCool

    It’s scary to think we know about these short-term cycles but haven’t been around long enough to know much about any potentially severe super cycles 😩

  23. Robin

    I live in Maldives.. Thank you for the inevitable warning..

  24. Damien Jeremy Weir

    Thoroughly, thoroughly interesting Anton

  25. Nicko G.

    Science think they have the answer when it’s actualy Maha Meru the big gear that controls the orbits of the solar system :P

  26. horka

    haha science discovered Rahu and Ketu

  27. Moondogg_Monte

    And yall thought things were going to get better 😂 it’s all downhill from here!

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    Always a thumbs up my friend. One of the few ppl on YouTube I trust.

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    Very interesting! Thumbs up and subscribed!

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  31. Laura S.

    The map indicates that coastal Western Europe is going to be hit hard by floods.

  32. Steven Gulie

    Great video. Thanks especially for the links. Tides are simple in concept but get very complicated when you want to know the details. Not rocket-science complicated, but waveform addition is not intuitive. Rogue waves were dismissed as myths until we suddenly discovered them in our computer models, even though they’ve been sinking ships for millennia. Tides are long wavelength waves. Pity we’ll waste the ten year warning convincing ourselves that things are getting better instead of relocating, reinforcing, and planning for what’s to come.

  33. Intercaust

    Scientists: Expect more floods.
    China: You don’t say!

  34. No one star

    I can confirm that even in the 80’s (I live in California), major flooding was reported, even when it didn’t directly affect me/us, my location.

    Hell, even comedians used ‘El Nino’ as a punchline every now and again, comparing natural disasters to [you name it].

  35. MichiganMoto

    This probably explains why lake levels are at record highs in the Great Lakes last couple years. 👍🏻

  36. Clement Lumumba

    I wish those floods would reach Kenya, we haven’t seen rains in months.

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  38. ChemicalKFounder

    This explains the 204 flood alerts my human friends get.

  39. Mike Vaughn

    They do have jokes don’t they ?! People on this channel really need to watch Tony Heller !

  40. Olin Bullard

    Thank you Anton

  41. John Jackson

    Thanks for the warning Anton ⚠️

  42. d8ta scientist

    🤫 Don’t tell the insurance companies. 🤐

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  44. James Aron

    Wonderful altering 18.61-year nodal tidal cycle and amphidromic points

  45. Jurgen Blick

    Thank you for that good info

  46. E Donnelly

    Isn’t it weird that the name of Earth’s moon is Moon?

  47. the nice guy

    I love how every rain season we get to talk about record flooding

  48. Kentucky Deluxe

    19 year time cycle of the moon. heard this in church back in 1970 or so.

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  50. Tarso Werlang

    This was so informative and so relatable and so well presented thank you so much. Really enjoyed it

  51. Ryo Jiro

    also ,monthly full moon causes whirlpools at certain locations of sea/ocean, it is believed that it increases the speedressure of water currents in a riptide likely during high tide, (riptide is a circular motion of water near the coast/shore unlikely noticed by normal eyes since it happens underwater) a super fast motion of this causes whirlpools

  52. John Richardson

    Anton Petrov: Ancient cultures: Mycology Foraging

  53. Begged Egg Productions

    Its already happening, this week of july has seen both increased rainfall floods in the northern and Southern Hemispheres !

  54. John Richardson

    Anton Petrov can Drought be avoided by Tarn/Damn on Mountain tops?

  55. dyscea

    Sounds an idea for a good book:

    Game of Thrones: The Tides are Coming.

  56. Aaron Langley

    I wonder if the mysterious oceanic mega waves have something to do with this cycle?

  57. Custom Connections

    Good thing you warned the world first!

  58. japrogramer

    how do we add a second mooon to counteract the effects of the first moon?

  59. usmale 49

    Your videos are very good. Thank you for sharing!

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  61. Freeman Vashier

    Vulcanism is already increasing, OHHHHHH BOY!

  62. David Hall

    I wonder how crazy the Bay of Fundy will get. It’s dangerous enough as it is. I nearly saw a group of people drown when I was a kid visiting because they stupidly went out into the drained bay.

    *Admittedly, I stupidly almost fell off Elephant Rock. I was one of the last visitors…uh oh.

  63. larry785

    Question; Does earthquake & volcanic activity follow along the same line? I would think it should.

  64. 4time2waste

    The beautiful videos of the moon running in the baclground, where are they from?

  65. Secondary Containment

    Anton, THANK YOU. Have you investigated how the Nodal Tidal Cycle interacts with the Milankovitch cycle?

  66. M.C. Turnt House of Tech

    If this is a cycle, that means it keeps happening….right? Yet here we are, rebuilding in the same place like a hoard of idiots.

  67. pwr SERG

    You make Great content!

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  69. Kris Grauel

    Not sure I trust NASA like I used to. But still an interesting video.

  70. Bobby Fhet

    In 2000 on the southern california coastline had two feet of the foot of the bluffs removed. There is no beach left even low tide in many places today.

  71. travis Lastnámê

    Well why is waterside real estate so damn high? It’s all going to flood, what’s the point?

  72. Churchman 4lyfe

    Cant deny history! Mother Nature always prevails!

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    we lunartics already knew this

  74. Jocel Bartolay

    I love you simply because you make us understand complicated topics. I am grateful.

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  76. Birger Johansson

    I find it annoying that there is footage showing what appears to be rain-induced flooding in cities instead of tidal flooding, the topic of this video. Apart from this, the video is excellent as usual.

  77. redxpen

    What an amazing thing to think about. It’s always been pretty obvious that tidal forces behave differently in one place than another, but i always thought oceanography was more about biology or geography than celestial forces enacting real changes on earth

  78. Roger Rodgersen

    Hey Anton,
    Love your contributions
    Thanks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Here’s a topic I think people would
    Think interesting:

    What is the Moon doing ?
    Is it slowly coming closer to Earth ?
    ❤️from 🇦🇺

  79. Taylor Sloth

    The blow up the moon guy is gonna love this…

  80. NewCreation

    Thank you Anton. There is so much insanity taking place around the world right now, especially in western countries which are all descending into banana republic lawlessness. Your scientific videos help take my mind off these things.

  81. C May

    Could the wobble or weird rotation the moon makes around earth be a contributing factor as to why the Earth’s axis is slowly changing? Or is it all due to the Earth rotating and drifting?

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  83. Ben K

    this is sheer lunacy!!

  84. Bastien Wallace

    Interesting. My coach told stories of monster floods in Sydney in the 1980’s which would fit with this cycle.

  85. h idden6ix

    even bad news is made watchable by your delivery , i always feel informed by your show and reassured by your manner ! thank you Anton

  86. Joe Bloggs

    Thank you for covering this topic. I heard a misleading headline about this the other day, that was so poorly explained it sound like the moon suddenly started to wobble. I said to myself, just wait until Anton covers it. If not it was fake news.

  87. Di&Ce

    When was the last lunar cycle? 2016?

  88. Captain Ahab

    Me who lives in a place where the local shop almost floods every spring tide

  89. Book_ Davies

    I’ll remember this in 10-15 years. It’ll be interesting to watch.

  90. TheRealMirCat

    Ancient peoples didn’t have night time talk shows, so they watched the sky

  91. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder what conditions the earth had when the moon was 1000 miles closer

  92. K H

    The moon was red just 15 min ago. Viewed it from the west of Norway. It was so pretty!

  93. Gneis Beis

    Of course there are more than 300 known tide periods, each one has its own modal pattern.

  94. Klaus Bolvig

    Very interesting! Which makes me wonder if we know enough about another circle melankovitch.

  95. Damondo DBN

    Thanks Anton you’re as wonderful, informative and entertaining as always.

  96. Art by Jeremy Maya Robins

    Lunar node regression AKA lunar standstill cycle… One of my favorite phenomena to watch that doesn’t require any special equipment. Although, you have to be patient.

  97. MC's Creations

    Well… I really doubt some day they’re going to confirm that the full Moon makes people crazy though.

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