10 Billion Year Old Galactic Fossil Found In the Center of Milky Way

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of an unusual sign of an ancient galaxy stuck inside our Milky Way’s center.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2007.10374.pdf
Video used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFfNQ6V01j8&feature=emb_logo

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  1. Tom Mills

    actually, a sci-fi book had shown that the Milky Way galaxy had sucked up several smaller galaxies, and that they had different movements.

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    is there anything behind THE BOOTES VOID??? like with bubble extra deep field???

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    Thanks for the fascinating video Anton.

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    Clicked to see what they dug up.

  7. Bram Moerman

    Would the cause of spiral galaxies be the result of the momentum of the collisions? Could we assume that an elliptical galaxy has not (yet) collided with another?


    That is happening way too soon for me.

  9. xrm160xqw

    how many galaxies the milky way has actually eaten ? gaia sausagw, sagittarius, major canis and now this one ? we live in really hungry galaxy

  10. Mile High Immortal

    Now they need to look past the center to the other side. The great attractor, what the he’ll is it, a massive black hole?

  11. literaltrance

    I’ll take two gaia sausage please. :3

  12. larry jackson

    I think there may be other things at play here too that could answer this.

  13. Graviton Thongs

    I wonder how many intermediate size black holes are in the bulge???

  14. Nyarlathotep

    So. Our galaxy is a predatory mass, prowling the universe seeking smaller galaxies to devour. Rawwr.

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    something weird with your audio on this one. Too much compression? Or some kind of a gate turned up too much?

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    I love that Helmi means a pearl in Finnish. Those Helmi streams are like pearl necklaces.

  17. CyFr's Corner

    Gaia-sausage galaxy 🤣

  18. Ben Liu

    Does that mean there’s also a super massive black hole in that area that may or may not have been absorbed by our galaxy’s own core yet?

  19. JTuaim

    What a strange circumstance we exist in.
    Anton scares me sometimes. But I’m glad he’s doing it. Iognorance is only blissful until reality cones knocking.

  20. Alejandro Tkaczevski

    Something is weird with your microphone. Sounds like comb filtering .

  21. oOo Gimmy

    It seems to me something difficult to prove … the causes could also be other.

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    Sausage galaxy sounds delicious..

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    Hi Anton, how about a video on latest study suggesting twist in light in cosmic background radiation violating parity symmetry.

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    8:02 that smile lol

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    Bruh I thought they found a space dinasor🤦🏽‍♂️

  28. Damien

    Could u see around up/down the full galaxy using a grav lense effect from high mass stars-black holes?

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    The rate at which we are accumulating data about our universe keeps increasing exponentially. Never a better time to become interested in astronomy.

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    Thank you for revealing the new information without the sensationalism of science journals
    Quality stuff like this if few and far between these days

  35. Drew Young

    How do you date stars in center of milky way with accuracy? I am lost how this is done with light spectrum.


    A collision ten million years ago and I bet the galactic insurance co. inc. still has not settled the claims.

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    Your prolific content isne er less than fascinating Anton… 👍🙏

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    Thank you for making these videos on a consistent basis, they always brighten my week. I appreciate the range of topics, So many YouTube channels just focus on one or two things

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    I thought from the title that they found a dinosaur bone.
    Thanks for the update.

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    Around the time it is nesteling

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    Love your videos, but you should really try another phrase besides “in other words”.

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    So we’re the offspring of a cannibal?

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    They can’t even tell us what happened during the election. How can they know what happened 10 billion years ago?

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    Makes me think it is panspermia on the galactic scale.

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    Anton is the best :) I love his videos. Very high quality content that’s in sharp contrast to so much of the sub-par stuff that’s posted. Thank you Anton!

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    -the not wonderful person

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    Blimey those interaction images you showed made me think of up and down spins.🤓🇦🇺🤜🏼🤛🏼🍀🍀🍀😎

    Maybe space is not all the same, but the same physics.

  52. Eduard Tronciu

    Imagine there is sentient life on a planet, around a star in the stelar stream. What a wonderful night sky they must have! Seeing almost whole of the milky way 🌌 !

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    It would be cool if earth was in one of those streams that stretch out of the Galaxy, I, think. Visually any way!

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    So fascinating! I can’t wait to learn what else they find as they study this further

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    looking at the colision simulation that keeps replaying here, it does seem to confirm to me that galactic arms tend to form in colisions

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    I’d like to know how they determine the age of these things. Unbelievable.

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    “In these times of turmoil invite the miracle of love into your life and don’t turn away the heartbroken, destitute, or depressed. Let your light shine to brighten the hearts of fellow human beings ❤️💞❤️ ❤️💞❤️ ❤️💞❤️ ❤️💞❤️

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    The Milky Way has a lot of skeletons in the closet.

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